Clarity Air Cleaner Internal Rain Sock

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SKU: 0206-0029
(No reviews yet) Write a Review
SKU: 0206-0029
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If you are doing a lot of wet weather riding we recommend the RSD Internally Mounted Air Cleaner Rain Sock. While not a necessity for riding in the rain with an RSD Air Cleaner, it can and will help reduce filter saturation. Ensuring that if you're up to the task of riding in your rain, that your machine will be too.


  • Compatible with ALL RSD Venturi, Clarity & Turbine Air Cleaners
  • Durable polyester pre-filter is factory treated using a proprietary hydrophobic process to repel water
  • Uniform micron openings allows air in while keeping debris .005" or larger and water out
  • Dyno & flow bench proven to maintain current performance
  • Printed RSD Logo
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