Jun 25th 2020

WARNING: Motorcycles are contagious


As most stay at home orders have been lifted, the CVBB train is rolling to an end. July 10th we will select our TOP 20 favorite builds so if you haven’t entered yet, get to posting! From those selections, we will pick three winners which will be announced July 31st. See prizes below

Stay updated on the world wide spread of the #coronavirusbikebuildoff The people have spoken and the brands are listening.

There’s never been a better time to put social distancing to work. Get out from in front of the TV, the cell phone and the computer and reset your focus to getting that heap of metal looking like a bike! Support your local two wheeled motor vendor and order some parts, keep the moto economy alive and pumping so when the shit show is over, we come out of this as a community with new bikes to put on the road and some new inspiration. And stop hoarding the toilet paper!!!!!


Rule # 1

There are no rules. Build what you like, but we’d prefer it has two wheels.

Rule #2

Hashtagging an existing finished build is completely ok, but you are probably not going to win.

Rule #3

We don’t know when this shit show is going to end, so as of this time there is no official end date. Best approximation is Mid May or two months from today. That said things could change and be extended or shortened due to severity.

Rule #4

Have fun with it. Talk about it, hash tag, share it with friends, basically do everything your not supposed to do right now, just do it on social media. #coronavirusbikebuildoff tag @rolandsandsdesign @fox @ridedunlop @paughcoparts @bell_powersports @lossaengineering @lexinmoto @motulusa @pit_viper @wisecopistoninc @sscycle @stkrconcepts @riskracingmoto @bikergearclub @reklusestreet

Rule #5

This is a worldwide competition. We are all in this together although we may be separated by borders and oceans, the heart of the two wheeled culture is alive and well and lives through all of us and the Corona Bike build Off.

Rule #6

If you actually have the Corona Virus and you still manage to build your bike major extra credit points.

Post your progress

Post photos of your progress on instagram or FB! The more photos we see, the better chance you have to win. Make sure to hashtag #coronavirusbikebuildoff and tag @rolandsandsdesign @fox @ridedunlop @paughcoparts @bell_powersports @lossaengineering @lexinmoto @motulusa @pit_viper @wisecopistoninc @sscycle @stkrconcepts @riskracingmoto @bikergearclub @reklusestreet for your chance to win some big MONEY!

Rules & Prizes are subject to change.


We really didn't know how quickly the #cvbbo would catch on, but the people have spoken. And the brands are listening! Stay tuned for updates as we bring sponsors on board to support the #coronavirusbikebuildoff
Current Prizes:

Grand Prize - $3,500 + RSD prize pack.

2nd Place - $2,000 worth of credit ($1k RSD & $1k@ Paughco ) + RSD prize pack.

3rd Place - $500 towards charity of your choice + RSD prize pack.

Oh yea, and if you don’t have a project to start, why not get that runner on the road and spin some laps. There’s no better way to socially distance yourself than by riding your motorcycle. Fresh air, a helmet and gloves and no one to cough on you or touch your latte… man that sounds like a sweet way to self-quarantine.


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