Customer Build: McKee Motosports Cafe

Oct 16th 2020

We get a lot of emails from customers showing off their bikes. We love every one of them but there are a few that just really stick out...this is one of them. Built by Scott McKee of McKee Motorsports.

Photos by Mike Kuhn

This bike was originally built for our Corona Virus Bike Build Off a few months ago but the birth of his daughter took priority. Scott wasn't able to make the cut-off date for the contest but he definitely has our attention with this beauty! We also have some questions, keep scrolling for a Q&A from us to him.

2007 Harley Davidson Sportster XL

What got you into the custom scene and how long have you been doing it?
1st custom build ever. I've always loved the cafe style but mainly rode sport bikes. I love the aggressive attitude of a sport bike. About a year ago I was looking for a little beat-around bike and picked up a (different) 07 sportster and fell in love with the Vtwin rumble and customization potential. I actually (100% true story) started watching Ride with Norman Reedus on AMC and the 1st episode I watched Norman met with Roland Sands and walked through his custom cafes with him. I was a fan of RSD style right from the first glance! I ended up watching the New Blood documentary featuring Roland on Amazon and was completely inspired to build something that was the style I loved. Something that incorporated the cafe style, the sport bike aggression, and the vtwin attitude.

How long did this take you?
Started in May durring the RSD corona build off. Finished late September's (tried to make the contest deadline but my daughter was born in July and set me back haha)

What’s the name of your shop and where are you located?
Just my home garage! My father and I own a Open wheel auto racing team out of winston-salem NC called McKee Motorsports, so I guess thats where most of the know-how came from. Knowledge translated from race cars to bikes pretty well.

I fell in love with the Vtwin rumble and customization potential.​

Scott McKee

What’s your day job?
I'm a telecommunications district manager

Why the Sportster?
I'm a small guy. 5'9" 145 so I tend to like small bikes. I've riden 600rrs, I have a 79 suzuki gs750 cafe also, and another sportster. The vtwin rumble and the customization potential (especially with companies out there like RSD) is endless.

Whiskey or Wine?
Whiskey. Neat.

Any upcoming builds you want to talk about?
Can't fit any more bikes in the garage at the moment
What are you favorite RSD parts?
No lie (and not just because I'm talking to you) I LOVE RSD style and products. I have jackets, boots, shirts, hats.. you name it as far as soft good go! From a hard parts perspective I really like the clarity line. I have several of them on this bike including the air cleaner... but that fiberglass cafe tail section from RSD... this build wouldn't have been the same without it. 1st part I bought when I started this.
Wheelies or Burn outs?
Burnouts... I'm too chicken for wheelies haha

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