Kellermann Bullet 1000 PL Blinker Turn Singals/Running Light

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SKU: 532
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SKU: 532
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The Bullet 1000 PL is a blinker with an integrated position light in the shape of a continuous yellow light ring. Together with the main headlight they boost the safety features of the bike. And once the blinker is activated the position lights support the blinker function by flashing in sync. After the indicator has been turned off the position light will resume its function. As the Bullet 1000 Extreme so does the Bullet 1000 PL offer the LED typical fast response combined with Bullet typical soft response of the inner light section. All together a harmonic blinker performance that blends in with the great overall look and feel of this amazing product. The position lights can be mounted either on the original position light base or connected to the dashboard light of the motorcycle.


  • The Bullet 1000 PL functions as a blinker and a daytime running light, front use only.
  • Homogeneous light ring
  • Yellow inner light and white outer light ring for daytime running light
  • High quality water tight metal housing
  • Kellermann High Power LED Technology
  • Long Life Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
  • Suitable for 12 volt DC applications
  • Chrome or Black body
  • M8x20 mounting stud
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 year warranty

Note: Not DOT approved, for show purposes only.

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