Kellermann Micro Rhombus Dark Combo Rear Dark Signals/Brake Lights

$102.99 - $108.99
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SKU: 1339
$102.99 - $108.99
(No reviews yet) Write a Review
SKU: 1339
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Kellermann's High Power LED Technology: Longlife Protection Guard®, IC controlled, 330 kHz clocked. This circuit, together with other measures, ensures that the LEDs achieve their possible lifespan, with maximum brightness and minimum power consumption. Stylish, functional and sensationally bright! The Kuryakyn by Kellermann Micro Rhombus Collection features streamlined oval-shaped metal housings with durable glass lenses available in front, rear, and front or rear applications.


  • Micro Rhombus DF Dark with M8 x 20 thread, flexible mount and dark Lens, black Body.
  • Made in Germany
  • ECE-tested for rear
  • Replaces the existing brake/tail light as well as the blinker
  • Sensational new rear look
  • Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
  • Long Life Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
  • High quality metal housing
  • Suitable for 12 Volt applications
  • Replaceable flexible rubber adapter which protects the blinker from vibration damage and vandalism
  • Available in black (K149.150)
  • Fitting opposition for rear right in black (K149.100)
  • No DOT in US, for show purposes only
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