Kellermann Micro Rhombus S Combo Turn Signals

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SKU: 1341
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SKU: 1341
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These significantly smaller members of the micro Rhombus family pack an amazing amount of power in a scaled-down version that offers the same sleek, angular design. Features Kellermann's patented Extranz® extreme optical transparency technology.


  • Micro Rhombus DF Dark with M8 x 20 thread, flexible mount and dark Lens, black Body.
  • Made in Germany
  • ECE-tested for rear
  • Replaces the existing brake/tail light as well as the blinker
  • Sensational new rear look
  • Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
  • Long Life Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
  • High quality metal housing
  • Suitable for 12 Volt applications
  • Replaceable flexible rubber adapter which protects the blinker from vibration damage and vandalism
  • Available in black (K149.150)
  • Fitting opposition for rear right in black (K149.100)
  • No DOT in US, for show purposes only
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