An iconic part of motorcycle kit is the vest. Made popular by the OG motorcycle clubs of the late 50's and early 60's, the traditional denim vest was a versatile way to display your patches, pins and other insignia. Whether you wear it over your jacket, flannel or just by itself, the MC vest is an icon thats not going away. We redefined the traditional motorcycle vest with the Ramone and Ringo and continue to deliver top quality riding vests that bring you extra features like a back protector pocket, our signature six pack pockets and outstanding abrasion resistance. Over engineered and built for the ride our vests go the extra mile so that you can too.

Our newest addition, Stanley Vest, is not your dad's denim. This 10.5 oz waxed denim vest is paired with a luxurious satin poly liner, six pack pockets and a waterproof internal pocket to keep your valuables secure. 

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