Motul 3000 20W50 Mineral Engine Oil

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SKU: 108076
(No reviews yet) Write a Review
SKU: 108076
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The MOTUL 3000 Mineral Engine Oil is an all-around solid natural lubricant meeting Harley-Davidson and JASO MA2 performance specifications. Great for V-Twins, thumpers and other big bore bikes, as well as bikes that require one oil for both engine, transmission and clutch lubrication, the Motul 3000 Mineral Engine oil is packed with technology to reduce clutch slippage and reduce premature wear.


  • 4-Stroke lubricant for engine and gearbox protection
  • Meets Harley-Davidson® specifications
  • Meets JASO MA2 performance standards
  • Wet clutch anti-slipping technology
  • Suitable for catalytic converters
  • Mineral based oil
  • SAE J300 20W-50
  • 1L
  • Sold Each

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