Motul RSD Twin Synthetic Primary Chaincase Oil

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SKU: 108066
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SKU: 108066
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Motul partnered with Roland Sands and his team at RSD at the inception of this project in order to bring forth a product that is technically functional and performance-oriented. In understanding the needs of the market, this line of TWIN specific oils has been formulated as a top-tier, fully synthetic line of products specifically focused to be used for everything from an RSD customized high-performance machine to any TWIN, café racer, cruiser, or long-distance touring motorcycle.

The Motul RSD Twin Line Primary Oil is a 100% synthetic transmission oil designed for Big Twins with chain primary drives and wet clutches. Helps prevent clutch slippage and with the 100% triple synthetic ESTER technology, this oil will keep your primary chain and clutch operating at its peak for miles and miles of gear banging goodness.


  • 100% Triple synthetic extreme pressure lubricant for maximum anti-wear protection, better high temperature resistance, and extended life of the drive
  • Molecular polar bonding technology enables oil to cling to ferrous metal parts, providing a protective film to help reduce wear and corrosion
  • Advanced Ester formulation is used to minimize gear internal friction losses, reduces wear and extends the life of wet clutch, bearings, chains and sprockets
  • Reduces clutch drag and provides quieter smoother shifting, while providing outstanding grip for wet clutches, helping to prevent slippage and chatter.
  • Provides outstanding oil film resistance at very hot temperatures which helps provides a more stable clutch while engaging and disengaging
  • Better oil flow at low temperatures provides easier gear shifting and reduces the big CLUNK when the Drive components are cold
  • Less effort required on the gear lever to shift the gears
  • Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam, special detergents
  • Made in the USA
  • SAE J 306 10W40 (85W)
  • 1QT
  • Sold each
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