Pull Back Risers for Indian Scout

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SKU: 416
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SKU: 416
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The Indian Scout is a fantastic motorcycle. It’s got a throaty engine that’s the result of traditional v-twin design with engineering that comes from Pikes Peaks Racers or Indian’s new FTR. But let’s be honest, the seating, handle bar and foot control positions are not nearly aggressive enough to allow this machine to come to life. The RSD Pull Back Risers allow you to move your mounting position up 1.75” and back 1.75” for a more controlled and comfortable riding position. If Flat Tracking or something more along the lines of SoCal Speed Chopper is your thing, pair with our Gauge Re-locator and 1-1/8” Pro Taper Moto Bars. Any stance you take, it’s time to start customizing your Scout and RSD has your back!
Fitment Note: If you want to keep your stock speedometer installation of our gauge relocator is required
  • Moves bars 1.75" up and 1.75" back
  • CNC Machined from billet aluminum
  • available for 1" and 1.25" handlebars
  • Must be used with our Scout gauge relocator 01-40003-B
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