Rider Spotlight: Aya Dijkwel

Jun 21st 2023

Introducing Aya Dijkwel:

Aya recently caught our attention with these incredible images by Spencer Kofoed wearing the Cambria jacket. Intrigued by her passion for riding, we couldn't help but reach out and ask her a few questions. Join us as we delve into Aya's world...

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Full Name?

Aya Dijkwel. Aya is Japanese (I am half Japanese) and Dijkwel is Dutch (I am half Dutch) 


What do you do for a living? 

I work in software for healthcare out of my home office (or wherever I can find Wi-Fi). I also model and run a merch shop on the side. Check it out at


How long have you been riding for? 

6 years now...and hopefully for 60 more! 

First bike? 

My 2002 Ducati Monster 750ie... Still my main ride  


How did you get into motorcycling? 

A combination of a lot of things️ happening at once: wanting more excitement in my life, being too poor for cars, and a cute boy being a bad influence 


Your life story in one sentence? 

Here for the hype! 


Cats or Dogs? 

I like when other people have cats and dogs, yes. 😅 For myself, I like reptiles 🐢🐍🦖 


Have you tested the Cambria jacket in the rain? How did it perform? 
I didn't intend on testing my Cambria jacket in the rain... But one day as I was out riding, an unexpected storm came through. The jacket kept me warm and dry in contrast to my jeans which got soaked. I didn't have the option to take shelter so I was super grateful I had my Cambria on! 


How does the Cambria jacket fare in terms of comfort during long rides? 

I love that it is so comfortable! I don't always ride extremely long distances but I do wear my gear all day across various activities and the Cambria is great for that. 


Favorite quote? 

Don't yuck my yum 😝 


What attracts you to the Cambria jacket in terms of style? Any memorable compliments or reactions while wearing it? 

Until the Cambria, I have never owned a moto jacket that I WANTED to travel in. I enjoyed wearing it at the gate, in the plane, and all the way home. Somehow the armor was not intrusive and it all felt very comfortable. I love the big zip pockets and comfy loose fit. It's a sleeper/incognito jacket that you wouldn't guess was packed with protection upon first look. My husband's surprise when I told him I was wearing a new moto jacket was the greatest compliment/reaction. 


Last book you read? 

Norman Reedus – The Ravaged (Yes, it is moto related. I recommend it!) 


Any tips or recommendations for women considering their first jacket? 

OF COURSE buy a jacket that is protective both in terms of impact and abrasion... But also make sure that jacket makes you feel cute! You're a thousand times more likely to wear a jacket that makes you feel good and the most dangerous thing about protective gear is the aversion to wearing it! Yes, I said it: feeling cute is a super important factor. 


If you were a motorcycle, what bike would you be and why? 

Probably an old first gen monster... We both have quirks and take some time to get to know but we will make you feel good about yourself. We are found where the hype is and feed off of positive excitement and energy. We exist because others see something in us, even when we need some work. 🥰 



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