RSD Grande Moco

Feb 25th 2005


The Hard Rock bike project was a tough one. We had banked on a frame that wasn’t right, so we were forced to go with a Standard Bobber frame from chopper guys. Tough choice, after all it was the Hard Rock Tour and the bike had to be perfect… The tour consisted of a couple of our good friends, the late Johnny Chop and Jesse Rooke. I knew they would both bring heat so the bike had to be way different to get some attention. The frame choice ended up being a good one. The standard geometry really can set a bike apart from all the crazy geometry everyone’s running now. And we wanted the bike to wheelie…. so we decided to go overboard and build a special 15 x 7” bead lock drag racing wheel to give the project it’s steam and traction. The rest of the bike followed. We built a bike called Borracho and the name Moco Grande was kind of derived from that bike, Moco is like Borracho’s crack head cousin, way over the top.

The color was pinched off a 70’s drag car, the Bob Banning Dodge Charger. Chris Wood Murderd the paint job. It is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen, 70’s funk perfection with the Gold Leaf Lettering. Thanks to all the homey’s who helped on this project. Tom “Gimley” Foster, Brett Marshal, James Crosby, the Great Lyndelski and Wink Eller.

Cool details :
bullet proof glass rocker box covers
Bullet proof glass shift nob
PM Contour Finned ignition cover (Available soon)
Front mounted moon oil bag.
Shock spring seat
Ohlins roadracing forks
SilverSmithFin push rod badges. With RSD logo
Leather by Mauricio at Azteka custom cars
PM Contour Primary and Mid Controls
PM Contour Method front wheel (gold Ano)
15 x 9” drag slick and bead lock wheel

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