RSD Monster: In Progress

May 26th 2021

The Ducati Monster. It’s perhaps the most customized of all Ducati’s and has been a staple in the Ducati line-up for many years. One part performance, one part street fighter and all parts Italian attitude. Any body who’s ever lusted after the Italian brand can appreciate the bikes muscular stance and aggressive tilt. The monster has gone through it’s share of changes and as much as the bike has improved not all love the new future driven aesthetic. Some prefer the classic take on the Monster, but with the added performance benefits of the modern bikes. That’s where this project has found it’s sweet spot.

We started by replacing the stock subframe with a hand fabricated tubular unit and relocated the items under the seat. We wanted to lighten up the design so showing a little air through the bike was a focus and the new subframe helped with that. Next up we built a new tail section with a little tracker inspiration and trimmed and modified the fuel tank to show off the opened up belt covers of the Desmo valve train. This bike is about exposing parts rather than covering them up and doing all that we can to show off that beautiful motor. The front headlight was pulled off the shelf at Revival cycles who’ve made a great little led bulb that looks classic yet lights up the highway. Next up is a full titanium exhaust, dry clutch and a number of other goodies we’ve sourced from the Italian Ducati Mafia as well as a crazy set of black on black spoke wheels to continue the classic direction of the bike.

The owner loved the performance of the new bike, but was aesthetically wanting to go towards the original Monsters look but with a touch of custom thrown in.


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