Adjustable Offset Race Triple Clamp Kit for Indian FTR 1200

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SKU: 1306
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SKU: 1306
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The only thing more fun than riding a streetbike in the dirt, is when it handles well. With a few adjustments, the Indian FTR1200 really comes alive on the dusty oval. We designed and developed this triple clamp kit for our Superhooligan team race bikes throughout the 2019 racing season. These triples move the fork offset further forward than stock, to drastically modify the trail geometry of the chassis, for highly improved front tire traction on dirt and pavement race tracks, while also adding lots of additional steering radius to help avoid a nasty highside. You will notice much more reactive, quicker steering and a more positive connection of the front tire to the surface helping you get through corners quicker. Multiple adjustable eccentrics come in the kit for you to fine tune the trail geometry to your liking and adjustable position and pullback risers are included for proper flat track handlebar position. Front number plate or headlight option is up to you since both sets of mounts come with this kit. Bolt these on and gain a ton of confidence and performance when chucking your FTR sideways or ripping through corners. 


  • Upper and lower adjustable offset billet triple clamp kit moves forks further forward from stem, and drastically improves front end geometry (trail) to a more desirable number for flat track racing
  • Designed and developed on the racetrack with the RSD Indian FTR1200 Superhooligan race team
  • 3 sets of different offset eccentrics included to fine-tune trail adjustment (0mm, +/-5mm, +/- 9mm)
  • 2 riser mounting options in top triple (stock position & 24mm forward)
  • Pullback risers for 1-1/8” handlebars included (position = 38mm back & 31mm higher than stock, when bolted into the rear riser mounting holes)
  • Majorly improved steering radius (90° steering vs 72° stock)
  • 7075 aluminum steering stem included
  • Stainless steel steering stem bolt included
  • Lower steering stem bearing & dust seal included (No need to remove stock stem or bearing from stock triples)
  • Headlight brackets for stock headlight included
  • Front number plate & mounting bracket included
  • CNC machined and anodized 6061 billet aluminum
  • Adjustable steering stops
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Approximately 1 lbs. lighter than stock assembly

*Steering stop on frame must be modified (Stock triple clamps will no longer be useable)

*Steering lock function disabled

*For off-highway, closed-course, competition use only

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