Garments with CE markings have been rigorously tested and certified to comply with PPE regulations and CE standards. The development team at RSD works closely with our suppliers and European based testing labs to ensure all garments are constructed to meet and exceed testing parameters for CE certification. While CE certification is only mandatory for motorcycle apparel in Europe; RSD can assure consumers worldwide that our products meet the toughest safety requirements in the world and RSD has you covered if things get sideways. Testing protocols includes materials testing for abrasion, tear strength, seam strength, dimensional stability, and chemical testing. Once all materials have passed CE, we then provide garment samples for final testing requirements to ensure the entire garment passes all safety protocols. All RSD gloves are also built to meet and exceed CE testing requirements.

Below is a breakdown of CE protocols for all categories RSD products are tested for:

  • Garments: EN 17092:2020 – AA
  • Garments: EN 17092:2020 – A
  • Gloves: EN 13594:2015


  • Elbow & Shoulder: EN 1621-1:2012
  • Back: EN 1621-2:2014Text