2013 RSD Bandito

Our friends at Bandito Brothers inspired the paint for our Bandito Heritage Softail Classic project. We set about stripping the bike of all her non-essential items and then adding back the key pieces that brought the overall design together. A newly prototyped Tracker narrow rear fender kit and Boss seat led the concept along with welding the headlight into the stock sheetmetal up front. We rounded the design off with our newest Nostalgia Products, fork boots, Slant Carbon exhaust, Pro-Step Handlebars and a slick paint job.

We sometimes get caught up in the excitement of being able to ride our bikes hard that we get a little greedy. This is exactly what happened when Roland high-sided this brand new Softial. Luckily her and Roland rolled away with just a few scratches. Lesson learned...for now.

For a full story on this day as well as a sneak peak at our other 2013 bikes check out Adam Waheeds story at MotorcycleUSA.

Special thanks to Tim Sutton and Matt Wignall for the awesome photography!