2014 Bagger

We can’t help but go to a racing frame of mind, even when building a Street Glide. We didn’t want to remove any of the comfort and function from the original, but we wanted to improve on it.
We’ve also taken care to remove weight where possible using Carbon Fiber, including our new Slant Carbon Slip-Ons and using our Mini Radial Air Intake that allows for extra knee clearance, increasing comfort. We added our new all Black Enzo Flat Out seat, which is both comfortable and stylish. This bike also features our 2015 prototype bagger bars and our new RSD Radial Master Cylinders, which improves stopping power and braking feel.
We started with the Del Mar, our lightest wheel to date. This allows for the use of a 23” front without turning your bike into an ill handling mess.
We haven't done a lot of work with the #Harley #streetglide Its a massively popular bike, but it's hard to make it anything other than large and heavy. Perhaps a 23 inch #dunlop slick and our new lightweight #Delmar wheels will be a good start. Stay tuned.