2019 Moto Beach Classic

Given the temperate climate of Southern California, it's often hard to notice the changing of the seasons. To keep track, It becomes necessary to pick up on cultural cues as reminders of the current season. Such autumnal hints like pumpkin spiced everything dominating collective pallet trends. Black and orange decorations permeating department stores and restaurants, and the sound of street-legal twin-cylinder Super Hooligan bikes can be heard resonating from the shores of Bolsa Chica state beach. The Moto Beach Classic, in its 3rd year, has become a fall tradition in Southern California and what started as a wild idea from the minds of Roland Sands and crew has blossomed into a Southern California influenced cultural phenomenon. The sand at Bolsa Chica State Beach was taken over by thousands of spectators. Eyes set on the  WCBR Surf Competitors as they shred the waves, contemporary artists presenting their works, custom bikes on display, raw and unfiltered musicians jamming away, and of course, the final round of the Super Hooligan National Championship.

Surfers from Newport, Huntington, and Seal beach charge the waves for the first round of the West Coast Board Riders Surf Comp presented by Hurley.

Surfers battled it out in a tag team format hitting the water in head to head competition for their respective surf cities. Huntington, Dana Point, Newport, Seal Beach, and others all turned out to rep their city and go home with some glory. When all was said and done, Seal Beach came out on top in the Long Border, Women’s and Men’s 40 & Up category. Huntington had the best rippers in the Men’s 19 & under division, and Newport Beach claimed gold in the Men’s 20-39 age group

The Architects of Inspiration Art Show presented by Progressive served as the unique centerpiece of the Moto Beach Classic. Roland hand-selected and curated a collection of installations inspired by surf, rock, street, & moto culture.

Above – Southern California based artist team The Draculas came out and created this cool mural based on inspiration from the Super “gHouligan” racing. The mural pairs well with the Indian Chieftain powered Mescalero.

Below –Artists from all backgrounds had their works on display.
Chase Lock – Artist, John Moss “Brass Junkie” Metal Artist, Scott G Toepfer - Photography, The Draculas - Jeff McMillan and Gary - Mural, Mike Luci – Photography, Chris White – BUZZVIZUALZ Art, Jose Gallina – Photography, Tyler Cornelius – Art, Wyatt Vandergeest – Tattoo Flash Artist, Alex Michael Miller – Art, Terry Urban – Art, Kevin – British Customs, Guy Salazar – Artwork, Briant Bent – Art/Music, Hurley Surfboards, John Hammer – Art, Jona Cerwinske – Live Art,Bill McCann – Metal Artist, Tank – Tankbilt – PINSTRIPING, Jeana Jane – ART, Dave Pickup - Cityslicker Pinstriping - PINSTRIPING, Mr Oz Designs – PINSTRIPING, Kevin Pak – Photography

The Moto Classic Bike Show presented by Motul is a novel twist on the typical custom bike shows as we display each bike on the beach, on a raised stand backed by sand and waves. The custom bikes range from mild resto-mods to wild choppers, scramblers, flat trackers, café racers, and purpose-built race bikes.

The Moto Beach Classic celebrates the motorcycle culture as only California can do it. Moto Beach draws racers, bike builders, artists, musicians, and fans from all walks of the two-wheeled life to Bolsa Chica State Beach, CA, for a day of action, adventure, art, music and of course racing drama. After nine rounds crisscrossing the country, the 2019 Super Hooligan National Championship presented by Progressive, powered by Indian Motorcycle season finale, went down on purpose built asphalt TT course, including a left-hand turn and a wooden jump.  

Super Hooligans stand at attention as the National Anthem plays moments before the battles would ensue.

There isn’t a feeling more intense than the start of a Super Hooligan race. Factor in the final race of the season, wild card riders, and only a few points determining the 2019 champion. Intense doesn’t even do it justice.

Kopp, Dibrino, Mataya, and Herrin all won their respective heats, giving them a crack at an extra $500 in the Dunlop Dash For Cash. Kopp claimed the cash finishing in front of championship foe Dibrino.

Some riders are natural Hooligans. If you are familiar with Josh Herrin or keep up with his antics on IG. It was only a matter of time till Josh Herrin would find himself gridded up at an SHNC event. Luckily for the fans, the good folks at Blackmore Ranch had a bike prepped and ready to go. Herrin definitely had the speed, but a few minor mechanicals kept him off the box. Hope to see Josh at another in the future for some redemption.

Being the Back to Back Super Hooligan champ, DiBrino had a lot riding on his shoulders. DiBrino didn’t get his first win till the 5th round. Although very fast and consistently on the box, The current champ didn’t have what it took to 3peat this year.

Fast and determined: The first turn of any Motorcycle race can be pretty sketchy, luckily everyone got through clean, especially #47 Jordan Graham. Jordan had a lot of ups and downs this season, but his speed and determination landed him 3rd in the championship after a relatively clean ride at the Moto Beach Classic.

Bell Helmets hosted the Ride and Destroy stunt show where front wheels barely touched the ground, and the rear tires were punished in a plume of smoke while spectators shouted for more.

Above - Pro Tip: When doing a wheelie, if you feel like you’ve gone further than the balance point, gently place your left hand on the ground to steady yourself. Here @joey55 demonstrates.

Below - @cbearstunts baking up some fresh smokey doughnuts.

In its first season, the Hooligan AM championship presented by J&P Cycles presented plenty of racing action and entertainment throughout the season. The class was comprised of riders from varied backgrounds. For some of them, this was their first 2 wheeled racing experience ever.

Above - Aboard his daily rider, a bone stock Indian FTR 12000 with a borrowed 19” rear wheel to be rule compliant, @zbfreeride had starts dialed and the speed to pull off his first Hooligan AM win at the Moto Beach Classic.

Below- Asphalt TT’s can be tricky #31 Jacob Crawford goes down in front of #88 Charles Sanchez @bumwine. Sanchez was lucky enough to finish the event and captured 3rd place in the J&P Cycles Hooligan AM class.

SeaLegs at the Beach provided the intimate, lively and unique concert venue on the sand The 2019 Moto Beach Classic hosted a fun line up of punk, funk, metal, reggae, and soul.  Fishbone, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Law, Wargirl, Spirit Mother and the Bent Duo all served as the backbeat to the event.

Heffe of the SHNC, and the man who puts the RS in RSD, Roland Sands.

Everything from AXE throwing to a full-blown barbershop by Old Traditions Gent. Parlor on the beach, attendees of the Moto Beach Classic entered the festival via an outdoor mall featuring the coolest brands that represent what Moto Beach stands for. If motorcycles, surfing, art, and music are elements that speak to your soul, the wears that project that ethos were found via the vendor village.

Moto Beach Classic attendees were treated to the high flying acrobatics of BMXperts  @patcaseybmx @corynastazio and @alexlanderosbmx

Super73 turned up at almost every round of the 2019 SHNC, with their final race taken place at the Moto Beach Classic. Everyone from celebrity influencers to owners themselves had an opportunity to race on the same tacks as Hooligans and Super Hooligans aboard Super73, with the winners taking home their own Super73’s

If your child can walk, then your child can ride a STACYC, if they can ride a STACYC, they might just be ready to race one at the next Super Hooligan race. Shout out to all the brave kids and parents for turning up and allowing these kiddos to put on a show.

As the final checkers flew at the final round of the Super Hooligan Championship, we are already excited for what 2020 shapes up to be.

The Moto Beach Classic returns to Bolsa Chica State Beach Saturday, October 26th for a day of exciting motorcycle racing, vibey live music sets, surf competition, art show, custom bike show, vendors and much more.

The Moto Beach Classic in only its third year has rapidly become a marquee beach event. Come share, celebrate, and inspire the act of getting your knees in the breeze and letting your soul be moved. Moto Beach draws motorcyclists, artists, musicians, and fans from all walks of life, cultivating a community of eclectic humans celebrating a life on two wheels at the heart of Southern California beach culture.

This year we’ve once again partnered with our friends at Sea Legs at the Beach, a unique concert venue on the sand to bring a fun line up of punk, funk, metal, reggae, and soul. FISHBONE, LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS, LAW, SPIRIT MOTHER, WARGIRL and BENT DUO serve as the backbeat to the final round of the 2019 Super Hooligan National Championship series, West Coast Board Riders Surf Comp, Bell Stunt Show, Art Show and Custom Bike Show. Add in Sprint Races, unique vendors, a kids STACYC electric bike course, delicious food, and spirited beverages, and you have an incredibly entertaining, fun for the whole family, event at the beach.

Super Hooligans once again hit the sands for the final round of heavy street bike racing. The fastest Hooligan racers in the nation, as well as riders looking just to have fun in front of their friends and family. Kids classes, choppers, costumes, run what ya brung, and lots more head to head surprises promise not to disappoint.


It wouldn't be a Roland Sands Design event without a custom bike show. Motorcycle customization is and has always been a culture of creativity engineering and style, providing a form for the industries best and brightest to show off their latest's art pieces, and feats of engineering. It's not only a unique attraction it also provides a crucial element to the Moto Beach classic. We expect builders from across the world to bring their builds ranging from mild restoration builds to wild choppers, café racers, and even purpose-built race bikes. Custom motorcycles and builders of this caliber are often featured in magazines, popular blogs and social media, commanding a following of their own and providing a unique draw to the Moto Beach Classic. The Moto Beach Classic Bike Show is an exclusive opportunity to pair your business with some of the scenes' most notable and influential names and provide extensive exposure on all RSD channels, builders channels, and media channels.


The Architects of Inspiration has become a centerpiece of the Moto Beach Classic event with a curated collection of unique instillations inspired by surf, skate, music, and moto culture. Initially structured to be an art collective solely, the Architects of Inspiration has grown to be a larger platform that includes a variant of creatives such as live muralists, painters, and music gurus. This year’s show will be an alluring installation in the heart of the action, where attendees will be able to enjoy moto-centric art all to the tune of revving engines, rocking beats and crashing waves.


Bell Helmets stunt shows keep the adrenaline pumping throughout the day with big bikes getting their front wheels at 12 o’clock, standing wheelies, precision drifting, acrobatic balancing acts and of course shredding endless tires in plumes of smoke. Spectators will be shouting for more.


The music we listen to before during or after our rides is such an enhancing sensation and often varies as much as the route we choose or the bikes we ride. The 2019 Moto Beach Classic musical line up of Fishbone, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Law, Spirit Mother, Wargirl and the Bent Duo reflects our eclectic tastes with a mix of local talent and headlining acts that will keep an upbeat vibe complementing the racing action and salty breezes throughout the day and into the night.

The symbiosis between moto and surf culture is uncanny with many participants from their respective sports crossing over, so It seems only natural that while racers will be on the gas to the east local surf legends will hit the “breaks” to the west. This year’s Moto Beach Classic will deliver one of the most exciting surf comps to date with legends from Huntington, Laguna, Malibu, Newport, and Redondo joining the fray.


The Vendor Village is located at the entrance of the Moto Beach Classic, south of the music stage. Established custom motorcycle shops, dealerships, artists, hip brands, as well as motorcycle icons, will be lined from asphalt to sand. The Vendor Village is open until sunset. Click Here to become a vendor!