2021 SHNC QuaTTro

2021 super hooligan national championship Quattro

The SHNC continues to revolutionize and reinvent the idea of closed-circuit heavy street bike racing with the introduction of the 2021 Super Hooligan National Championship QuaTTro! The SHNC has become the apex for contemporary motorcycle racing, influencing varied forms of “Hooligan” racing across all genre's, creating stars, attracting legends, and resurrecting careers all along the way. For 2021 we have put together a four-race, format-defying series that will ultimately determine who the best and most well-rounded heavy street bike racer in the nation is.

The four-round series comprises four unique and challenging disciplines with a mix of Road Racing, Short Track, Half-Mile, and TT; with the caveat to success being racers will have to configure the same bike to each firmament. The schedule kicks off at the world-famous WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA, in conjunction with the MotoAmerica HONOS Superbike / King Of the Baggers Series July 9-11, followed by The “Wild Ones” TT in Castle Rock, Washington, August 14-15, then back to Southern California, the birthplace of modern Hooligan for the Moto Beach Short Track September 11-12 and ending with a partnered AFT ½ mile dirt oval at the historic Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte, NC October 8th.

“The 2021 Super Hooligan championship is all about diversity of terrain and like nothing seen before but still reminiscent of the AMA Grand National championships the likes that made Gary Nixon, Kenny Roberts, and Bubba Shobert legends, says Roland Sands, only our racers are incentivized to use the same bike at all four races. 4 races, full send with an AMA National Super Hooligan title and the bragging rights as the most talented heavy street bike racer.”

For any questions on the SHNC race series, please email racing@rolandsands.com

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