Bartel's Harley Davidson

The Boys’ at Bartels' HD have been in the bike game for a long time. Not only do they customize Harley’s, but they have a long history of racing in flat track, drag racing and land speed. We got a chance to talk to Daniel over at Bartels' and ask him a few questions about his recent Dyna Fatbob build as well as the business in general.
Where was the bike built and for who?   The customer name is Fernando Lebeis (guns n roses manager) bought the 2013 FXDF103 DYNA FATBOB from Bartels' Harley Davidson
What were you trying to accomplish?
 We were trying to find a medium between a high end flashy custom and a dark smooth look
When working with a customer to figure out where he wants to go with his bike what questions do you ask?  I pretty much asked him, do you like chrome our the blacked out look, and you can see where that went....
What’s the most popular bike you guys customize and why do you think it’s so popular? It used to be the baggers that everyone was crazy about, but over the past few years the new trend has been chopped up sportsters or dyna's with the tall risers and fairings or what I call the "S.O.A." look, ever since that show took off
Is Black Ops the new black?   I would say yes, everyone loves the black ops line
Where do you see the dealer business headed?  Honestly, the way the economy has been, who knows?
Do you think bike customization plays a big part in a dealers success today? Customizing is expensive, and a few years back we lost a lot of business to all the little custom shops opening up, but the quality work that we put out and the guarantee we can provide keeps em coming back to the dealers
What about the future, are stock customs the way forward or do you see other avenues?  I dont think anyones got the answer for that, we'll just see where all these big named (h.d.,roland,p.m.etc..) creators take us
Wheelies or Burnouts?  Burnouts
Beer, wine or whiskey?  Whiskey
Do you still have all your fingers and toes?
 Any other injuries we should know about?  All my fingers and toes, no crazy stories, sorry..
What’s your next project?  My next projects lye in the hands of my future customers
-Daniel Nairn
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