Bell Race Star Chief

Since its introduction back in 1967, the Bell Star has long represented the standard in head protection. Revered as the first full-face helmet on the market, the Bell Star inspired an industry to pursue the science of head protection. That obsession with helmet innovation continues today. The new Bell Star is more than an evolution of its predecessor. It’s a complete rethinking of what a race helmet should be, driven by the essential needs of the modern racer.


  • FLEX Impact liner is the first of its kind, three layer impact liner designed to manage energy from three potential impact scenarios: low, mid and high speed
  • 3K Carbon shell: The proven 3K carbon fiber on the 2016 Race Star gives the helmet the look, performance, and feel of a true race helmet
  • Virus® CoolJade™ Anti Bacterial Liner is designed to withstand the rigors of hard use in extreme conditions and allows athletes to stay cool. The ultra-wicking construction combined with CoolJade infused yarn decreases your skin surface temperature up to 10° F - keeping you comfortable, dry and cool
  • Magnefusion™ Magnetic Cheek Pads allows for easy removal of the pads for washing and enables emergency responders to easily remove the cheek pads first before removing the helmet
  • Panovision™ Shield with Class 1 Optics increases your field of view and offers riders additional vertical and lateral visibility
  • Varied cheek pad thicknesses from 25mm to 50mm, in 5mm increments are sold separately
  • RaceView Orientation
  • Snell M2015 and DOT Certified
  • Features a rubber plug in the mouth vent that can be removed for additional air flow. Keep plug accessible to insert for cooler weather riding.
  • There is an extra top pad under the comfort liner for that can be removed for a deeper helmet fit if desired