Bike Highlight Shaw

We like the idea of an "X Games" inspired bike. A bike that would be at home in many different fields of passion such as sitting by the beach, motocross track, BMX park, velodrome, Flat track arena, MTB Park, you name it. A bike parked up with the owner doing what he or she does and then cruising on home, a bike with many identities. That's exactly what Shaw Speed & Custom did with this Blackline FXS HD.
The motorcycle itself is based on a new Blackline FXS Harley-Davidson and being that the bike was built for a client and also with a goal of World championship contender the bike was not heavily modified in the frame area, the frame was treated to add ons and clean up rather than heavy chop and modification, the top tube of the frame was actually added to with the second spine that gave a new curve and angle to the main spine of the bike.
This spine was given attention with the fabrication and modification of a standard Harley-Davidson gas tank, spit into two and mounted 2 inches lower ,the silhouette of the bike was to change immediately, the front end of the machine was narrowed from the original using a mixture of Sportster fork parts, and with titanium nitrating and wet white paint the theme of the front end was straight from the mountain bike scene, this was added to with the unique painted detailing of the lower forks with the bikes name in red block, like the days of Rock Shox forks, this you will see is mirrored on the rear shocks in gold with the World championship banding a detail that the Speed Shop always like to add on a bike where they can after winning the title in 2010. This theme of MTB was also added to with the use of a HOPE MTB handlebar stem giving a fresh new look of the front set up.
Performance Machine Spoked wheels with the Black Ops rims were chosen to spin the bike along, these were split by the Speed Shop team and given the anodising treatment with the Roland Sands Engine casings, with a beautiful centre piece of the 110 Cubic inch engine is the PM Air breather.

With a handmade rear carbon fibre fender, seat and matching carbon front number board the bike gains its individual look, and the in house fabricated exhaust system hugs both sides of the bike with matching heat/number boards, which exposes the underside of the frame showing the clean build of the bike and attention to all details of the build, the bike sits low and looks strong.
Tech Spec
Frame HD Stock, Rear swingarm HD Modified, Front Forks HD Sportster, Handlebars HD, Handlebar clamp Hope MTB, Brake master cylinder PM, Brake/Clutch, levers pm, Throttle internal, Grips PM, Wheels, Front PM 21, Rear PM 18 /200mm, Tyres Metzeler, Rear Sprocket PM, Rear Fender Shaw Speed carbon, Front Number board Shaw Speed carbon, Seat Shaw Speed carbon, gas tank HD Modified, Exhaust system Shaw Speed, Engine HD 110, Engine cases RSD Anodized, Timer/Cam Cover RSD, primary Open PM, Forward controls PM, Oil Tank original HD Modified, Air Breather PM, Oil lines braided