Born Free 8 Motorcycle Show

If you are looking for the most creative chopper builders in the world, the Born Free Motorcycle Show is the place to be. The annual Born-Free Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle Show takes place at Southern California’s 17-acre Oak Canyon Ranch. This year the HUGE crowds were treated to The Wall of Death stunt show by Rhett Rotten, vendors galore, great music (an all female AC/DC cover band? Check!) and much more. It did not disappoint! Watch the video below for a brief glimpse into this great event and start planning your trip for next year’s BORN FREE 9. See you there.

Herds of bikes ranging from Harleys, Hondas, Indians, Triumphs, BSA's and other manufacturers spread all across the park. Custom welded frames, fabricated details and bodywork were at every turn. One bike featured insects incorporated into its shifter and tank, while another sported a real fur racing “stripe” stretching from tank to tail. Finishes varied from brushed (or machined) metal to glittery rainbow striped paint to chrome etched in filigree. Imagination ran wiled.

Rhett Giordano and his crew at Death Riders inc. put on quite a show all weekend. Out thrilling all the thrillers, the Wall of Death is MUST SEE.