Built for your imagination: Dyna Ripper - Part Deux

Artwork by Ryan Quickfall
Photography by Ken Faught at Studio 38 Inc.
The RSD product collection is built to withstand your imagination. Our 1. Engine Covers, 2. Blunt Air Cleaner, 3. Clarity Timing Cover, 4. Del Mar Wheel and 5. Narrow Handlebars, are only the beginning. Check out the full line of motorcycle products & apparel.

The RSD Dyna Ripper was originally built back in 2014. She had two cross country trips to Sturgis on her and multiple days of local thrashing had her bruised up a bit so, we decided she needed a little love. We traded in the 9” tall Narrow Pro Step handlebars for its shorter brother, our 5” tall Narrow Pro Steps. Some new throttle cables from Barnett and some shortened hydraulic lines from Spiegler made quick work of the lower bar height. We swapped out the Memphis Shades Café fairing for their wider Gauntlet model to cut through wind a little better. A fresh paint job by Unknown Industries’ painter Taylor Shultz at Schultz Designz and she’s back tearing up the streets. Sometimes just a couple changes make you feel like you have a brand new bike. Like the old adage says, sometimes it’s cheaper to keep her.