Cleveland CycleWorks + Kustomfest

It’s not that often we work on small CC bikes and very rarely do we work on something as inexpensive as the Cleveland CycleWerks Heist. With a price tag at about $3K the Heist sets the bar for inexpensive and obtainable motorcycles. While not the perfect machine for the highways in the US the Heist is more than enough for the tight and heavily populated cities of the Indonesian Island chain, specifically Yogyakarta. The Heist is easily customizable and simple enough for the beginner to start doing his own custom work on it. We’ve recognized that and are approaching our machine with a simple custom concept that will get us to an obtainable style of machine. Something we feel will be at home in Indo. With over 80mpg it’s also quite the energy efficient machine, something we all should be thinking about.
The bike will be premiering at Kustomfest in Indonesia in 2014. We're excited to work with CCW and are also excited to see them enter such an amazing custom market in Indonesia. The Indo custom scene has some of the most amazing craftsmen we have ever met.
CCW's Heist, was the first ground up vehicle that they designed. The idea behind the Heist was to keep it simple. From a traditional frame, to a traditional style motor, no overhead cams, no 4 valve heads. Simplicity has its benefits. A simple OHV motor with 1 intake and 1 exhaust port keep parts complexity down, with providing plenty of power for cruising.