Corona Virus Bike Build off

WARNING: Motorcycles are contagious

After 4 long months, the world’s first Online Bike Build Competition is drawing to an end. What began as a call to action to would be and could be builders from Roland himself, has spawned some fantastic builds all worthy of marquee space at a typical bike show (if those were still a thing). From the thousands of hashtag entries and the several thousands of dollars in cash and prizes already given away, we have narrowed the field down to our favorite top 20. From these 20, 3 will be selected, and from those 1 bike will be determine as our #CVBB Grand Prize winner. The winners will be selected July 31st! We want to give a massive shout out to every single person who picked up a wrench, started in on a project, or began again on a project that sat dormant for a while. If you weren’t selected, or still have a while to go before you finish, we commend your spirt and appreciate your effort to build and create. Also, we have to give it up to the folks who, without their help, would have made this experiment a lot less fun. FOX, DUNLOP, PAUGHCO, BELL, LOSSA, LEXIN, MOTUL, PIT VIPER, WISECO, S&S, STKR, RISK, BIKER GEAR CLUB, and REKLUSE. Thank you for your continued support and keeping the builders motivated throughout.

And now, in no particular order, we present the #Coronavirusbikebuildoff Top 3. VOTE on Instagram or FaceBook and comment A,B or C! We will tally up the votes Monday at 10am(PST).

top 3

@parrmotorcycles - A 2002 Honda XR650R Retro-Tracker. Street lega title with a rebuilt motor and suspension. 19" Excel rims/Mita DOT H-18 tires. Motogadget Motoscope speedo, Alcantara seat and handmade numberplates, exhaust, subframe, tail section and radiotor covers.

@builtbywilcolindner - A Netherlands built Two stroke Derbi. All aluminum bodywork, custom subframe, removeable lower frame tubes and...well pretty much everything is custom.

@lc_fabrications- Triumph Cub t20. Built by his 15 year old daughter! @shopgirljewlery

top 20 entries

@parrmotorcycles : It's no secret we love street trackers. This Honda RS750D inspired @parrmotorcycles XR 650 street tracker is Bad Ass and would definitely make Bubba proud.

@scalestudio: Panhead, open primary, king & queen seat. That’s the old school chopper (or should we say @noschoolchoopers) shit we like. Especially when you throw some modern going and stopping components to the mix.

@089moto: CB 550's ar ethe benchmark base for Café customs and @089moto has executed on that platform flawlessly.

@frodo_dabbins: Not quite sure where you're going with this @frodo_dabbins, but we like it and cant wait to see the finished build. Better hurry! What began as a Yamaha WR450 has been transformed into a streetable singles tracker that looks filler. good on ya mate.

@noschoolchoopers : Panhead, open primary, king & queen seat. That’s the old school choper (or should we say @noschoolchoopers) shit we like. Especially when you throw some modern going and stopping components to the mix.

@smokingbunnies: We always appreciate builders who answer the question. Why? With, Why the f@#k not! @smokingbunnies we get it.

@luckycatgarage : French builders are once again building fast American muscle for a straight line. Just add salt.

@michwitkamp : This BMW K1100 is giving off major Tron and Close Encounters vibes. @michwitkamp we ain't mad

TW 200's ain't cool. Says who?? @meykeychan built this TW bobber that can sit at the cool kid's table any day.

This Triumph T20 Tiger cub was transformed into this bitchen bobber by @lc_fabrications, who has his daughter on paint and welding duties. We love seeing the work of the #nextgeneration

This @rcfourfive CBr1000 WSBK SP2 replica is outstanding.

Bitchen performance bagger from out of the Mitten. @schamberlin5150 did this Road Glide right.

If your intention is to build an old school superbike with a KX 500 engine @krossover_customs, you have our full attention. Get to wrenchin!

This is what happens when a small project gets out of hand. Thank god for the mischief @builtbycolindner idle hands have created.

Right in the nostalgia feels! This @monstercowboy Z50 resto is the perfect pit bike for a putt down memory lane.

Simplicity is king. @smedz Ducati Monster SR2 free of the business and pushes function to the forefront.

If TW 200's ain't cool, then why are there 2 of them on this list? Huh? Major Aloha vibes from the @the_lost_aloha built T -Dub

The Shogun CT70 from @mobileazn is a sho stopper fa sho.

Commin all the way live from 1995. @bergnco built this KLR250 that makes us wanna be on Spring Break forever!


Rule # 1

There are no rules. Build what you like, but we’d prefer it has two wheels.

Rule #2

Hashtagging an existing finished build is completely ok, but you are probably not going to win.

Rule #3

We don’t know when this shit show is going to end, so as of this time there is no official end date. Best approximation is Mid May or two months from today. That said things could change and be extended or shortened due to severity.

Rule #4

Have fun with it. Talk about it, hash tag, share it with friends, basically do everything your not supposed to do right now, just do it on social media. #coronavirusbikebuildoff tag @rolandsandsdesign @fox @ridedunlop @paughcoparts @bell_powersports @lossaengineering @lexinmoto @motulusa @pit_viper @wisecopistoninc @sscycle @stkrconcepts @riskracingmoto @bikergearclub @reklusestreet

Rule #5

This is a worldwide competition. We are all in this together although we may be separated by borders and oceans, the heart of the two wheeled culture is alive and well and lives through all of us and the Corona Bike build Off.

Rule #6

If you actually have the Corona Virus and you still manage to build your bike major extra credit points.


We really didn't know how quickly the #cvbbo would catch on, but the people have spoken. And the brands are listening! Stay tuned for updates as we bring sponsors on board to support the #coronavirusbikebuildoff
Current Prizes:

Grand Prize - $3,500 + RSD prize pack.

2nd Place - $2,000 worth of credit ($1k RSD & $1k@ Paughco ) + RSD prize pack.

3rd Place - $500 towards charity of your choice + RSD prize pack.

Oh yea, and if you don’t have a project to start, why not get that runner on the road and spin some laps. There’s no better way to socially distance yourself than by riding your motorcycle. Fresh air, a helmet and gloves and no one to cough on you or touch your latte… man that sounds like a sweet way to self-quarantine.