Customer Build: Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson sent us this killer Sportster Scrambler, showcasing a ton of RSD and PM parts. We love seeing people transform their bikes with little to no fabrication, especially when it's done with taste. To really understand a builder’s influence and direction they took, we've put a bit of questions together. Read below to see what Assistant Service Manager, Korey Taphouse, has to say about this bike that he and Chris Beels built at their shop in Hudsonville, MI. Click the Tech Sheet button above for a full list of bolt-ons.
Where’s your dealership located?
Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson in Hudsonvill,e MI.

What’s your position?
Assistant Service Manager
How did you find your way into motorcycling?
Raced Motocross when I was younger then my dad got me into Harley-Davidsons

Bikes owned?

Dirtbikes, 2006 Sportster, 2007 V-rod, 1980 XS650, 1974 Kz400,currently have a 2006 Triumph Scrambler

What’s your dream garage look like?

Clean and full of bikes

What made you decide to build this bike?

I really dig the aggressive Scrambler styling

How much of your business is bike customization and what kind of bikes do you like to build?
We mostly do bolt on accessories and a lot of performance engine upgrades
We hear you like to use some RSD products from time to time. What are your favorite RSD parts and what do they do for your customs?
RSD Regulator adjustable levers are the best they give you a custom look and they fit so many different types of riders. especially those with smaller hands.

What's your favorite RSD product?
2-1 Slant exhaust - great style and performance fits so many different builds

Ever climbed a mountain?
I walked up one

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever ridden, doesn’t have to be a bike?
A gurney.

Worst Crash?
I have been landed on by another motorcycle over a 40ft double

Broken bones?
I broke my leg and didn't find out it was broken until it had already started to grow back together. I broke my neck and didnt know for about 24 hours. those are the only two that I went to the hospital for so there may be more.

Best ride close to your shop?
Lake Shore Drive. It's a nice curvy rode with trees making you feel like you're in a tunnel.

Dirt or pavement?
A little of both

Beer or Whiskey?
A little of both also.

Johnny Cash, Johnny Rotten or Little John?

Honestly, I cant say. I am not a big music buff.

At the end of the day, what’s it all really about to you?
Motorcycles are a great way of life. You get a chance to meet people and express yourself through customization. Other people really get a sense of who you are by what your bike looks like. Whether it's a ratty old bike or a fully custom chopper. Me, I'm somewhere in between.
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