Dirt Quake

Words by: Leticia Cline
Photos by: Preston Burroughs
On a sprawling and desolate acreage in Castle Rock, Washington, plumes a powdery haze swirling across a racetrack blanketing the crowd with a layer of dust. It’s a sticky July day and the grit clings to every part of the exposed sweaty flesh, even forcing you to rinse your mouth out on occasion just to get the dirt out. But none of this matters, the crowd is fervent as a guy in an American flag speedo races a guy on a Harley in an all white suit. People are cheering, cheer-sing and chasing each other on mini bikes in the pits. Others are cooling down in the nearby river while some are passed out from the all night party that went on the evening before.
This is Dirt Quake USA where the mantra is “If you’re daft enough to race it, we’re dumb enough to let you.” Everyone seems hell-bent on self destruction as they do whatever crazy ideas the combination of alcohol and exhaust fumes can inspire. People come from all around just to party, camp and try their luck on the devil’s playground we call a flat track. DQ USA is a non-stop actioned filled weekend, a safe haven for the rowdy and a much needed shift in the cultural climate on the brinks of becoming the next Sturgis or Daytona.  
The day before the Hooligan event was an all night racing fest starting with the local club night until well past midnight, followed by chopper and mini bike races in the abandoned barn in the corner of the lot. Fireworks and cops showed up somewhere in the mix and things got even rowdier but this isn’t a place you come get rest or morals anyway so no one seemed to mind or be surprised. The next morning started with a swap meet then bike show followed by a jump contest where Jimmy Hill sent it on an Indian Scout against Rusty Butcher on his H-D hooligan sportster. Soon it was time for practice, sleepy-eyed and hungover riders geared up in either proper racing attire or whatever outlandish costume they could find. It’s a race against speed and style to see who goes harder on and off the track all in good fun.
This 1/4 mile clay track was a fast one with the dirt looking and feeling more like blacktop. The dry and dusty slickness from the sun had now turned into a polish more technical track that riders could easily find their groove in. Everything from Pro Racers, Wanna Be Racers, Cafe Racers and Choppers who race gave it their all in one of the seven classes.
Nine women battled it out in the ladies class, banging bars from the start. Malary Lee of Passmore Motorcycles on an Iron 883 pulled the hole shot but fell back into second behind Stephanie Pietz on the Suicide Machine Co 1200 sporty. Me and my xg 750 battled for 3rd against Tori George’s hooligan sportster. I ended up getting 3rd but just barley and honestly I would have been stoked with any place because we gave one hell of a show and showed the crowd that chicks and throw around a hooligan bike in the dirt.
In the Dash for Cash Jordan Graham, Joe Kopp, Mikey Virus and Andy Dibrino battled with Kopp taking home the win after having Virus on his heels the entire round.
For the main event we saw Harley, Indian, Ducati and Triumph battling for first but it was when #62x Andy Dibrino on his xg 750 went from third to first in the main with 2 laps to go that the crowed went wild. He passed #62 Brad Spencer Jr on the Scrambler Ducati and #3 Joe Kopp on a Triumph Street Twin who had been going back for the lead the entire race.

Super Hooligan Main Event

1- #62x Andy DiBrino (H-D XG750)

2- #3 Joe Kopp (Triumph Street Twin)

3- #62 Bradley Spencer Jr (Scrambler Ducati)

@motulusa Cleanest Bike Award

#72 Jordan Baber (H-D Sportster)

@knfilters Holeshot Award

#62 Bradley Spencer Jr (Ducati Scrambler)

@ridedunlop Dash 4 Cash

#3 Joe Kopp (Triumph Street Twin)

Superhooligan B Main Event

1- #18 Alex Smith (H-D Sportster) * Fastest Slow Guy

2- #24 Cameron Brewer (Indian Scout)

3- #11 Alfonzo Vasquez (H-D Sportster)

Even though we all want to win it’s our idea of what we win that varies. Some of us want to leave with a good memory, others want to have the trophy. A few want to win the cash while most of us want to just not crash. Regardless of our goals in the end we all have achieved something and if you had a great time, learned something, inspired someone and walked away to tell the tale then it was worth it because once the dust settle on one track another whirlwind of dirt begins on another. The crowd was amped with adrenaline from the main even and quickly took over the barn for more racing until it was stopped for the awards ceremony. Everyone shared a beer or ten and partied for the second night in a row as if there was no tomorrow.
Sunday morning came quick and the Portland airport looked more like a bar at 3 am. Racers and motorcyclist half asleep shlepped like zombies through security barley awake from the night before. The reality that Monday morning is right around the corner was starting to sink in. It cling'd like the dust at the track, reminding us that our lives are made up of many layers and occasionally you have to shed a few off and let loose just to find yourself again one Dirt Quake grain at a time.
The 2017 RSD Super Hooligan National Championship series has seen its longest break in action since the tour kicked off in February with its first checkered flag in Salem, OR at The 1 Show. Through four races, with half the series to go, Andy Dibrino is leading the way with 63 points. Not too far behind is Brad Spencer with 52 points, and a three way tie between Jordan Baber, Jordan Graham and Joe Kopp for third place, each with respective 40 points. The latter half of the season is stacked with exciting race tracks, including the Buffalo Chip Moto Stampede in Sturgis and a sure to be memorable race at the Costa Mesa Speedway. It will all come down to the season finale at the Bolsa Chica Bonzai, literally steps from the water in Huntington Beach, Ca.
Action will resume with round five of the SHNC in Washington for Dirt Quake on July 21 & 22. Click the link below for more information and to register for the race.

DirtQuake is an alternative motorcycling festival that encourages a diverse blend of bike fans, dirt racers, grease monkeys, celebrities, custom shop designers, speed freaks and weekend warriors to celebrate their shared love of motorbikes. Irreverent racing is at the heart of DirtQuake. The action takes place on high-adrenaline, loose-surface oval circuits without the hassle, rules and costs usually associated with professional motorsport. Dirt Quake is inclusive - giving riders, enthusiasts and even pro-racers a unique chance to take on all-comers.

Contingencies & Prizes
Contingency payouts will be paid by check following each race, upon receipt of final results provided by race organizer.
Indian Motorcycles
• One Factory Indian FTR750 professional GNC flat track race bike will be awarded to the Super Hooligan Series Champion at final round. *Winner must be present at final round.
• $1,000 Winner-Takes-All bonus to winner of Super Hooligan Main Event. *Valid only at Indian Motorcycle title-sponsored events.
Dunlop Tires
• $250 (first) / $150 (second) / $100 (third) payouts for Super Hooligan Main Event.
• $1,000 Winner-Takes-All Super Hooligan Dunlop Dash for Cash event.
Bell Helmets
• $250 (first) / $150 (second) / $75 (third) payouts per Super Hooligan Main Event.
• $2,500 bonus to be awarded to Super Hooligan Series Champion at final round.
• Custom painted helmet trophy for Super Hooligan winner at each round.
K&N Engineering
• $300 Winner-Takes-All Holeshot Award for Super Hooligan Main Event.
• $300 Cleanest Hooligan race bike at each race. TBD by SHNC.