Dyna Ripper

Our obsession with the Dyna continues with our latest version of the Dyna Glide built for the Hot Bike Power Tour. It’s always a challenge to evolve each bike we build. This Dyna was no different as we built a newly shaped tail section and gas tank along with a new version of our FXR inspired side battery covers.
A new Memphis Shades Café fairing was used to help cut through the wind. A prototype stainless steel RSD Slant High pipe, 15” Progressive Suspension 970 series shocks and monotube cartridge kit keeps the ground clearance well above average. Rich at Bitchin Seat Company made the custom leather seat. Fit and finish with our tail section and gas tank is perfect. We’ve reduced weight where possible utilizing an aluminum swingarm from Trac Dynamics to minimize un-sprung weight at the rear. Bennet’s Performance pumped the motor to a stroked 106 cubic incher. S&S 4-1/2” crank, 3-7/8” pistons, 585 gear-drive cams, Branch O’keefe ported heads and Feuling oil pump/camplate give the Dyna the extra ponies to make things interesting. Del Mar Wheels, Clarity Cover Line, our newest Mega Riser (available soon), Mini Ape Step bars (available soon) and new RSD Radial Masters Highlight the RSD parts on the machine.
We had to make sure this bike goes as good as it looks. Whenever we need horsepower, we hit up Eric Bennett at Bennett's Performance in Signal Hill, CA. He told us about the motor package that he's been running in his personal bike and how stoked he is with it. He explained how smooth it runs, that it'll make 120HP & 120 lb./ft. of torque and how he beats hard on it and it never skips a beat. Solid, reliable horsepower is exactly what we were looking for out of this thing so it can be ridden hard on the daily. We were sold.
The setup is 107" stroker. Built with S&S 3-7/8" pistons, 4-1/2" stroke crank and 585 geardrive cams. Feuling sent us a billet cam support plate & chromoly adjustable pushrods. The cylinder heads were ported and polished by Branch O'Keefe and they also re-machined the cylinder and head fins to round them out and give them a super unique look. HP is always good but it's we are super stoked to see the outside shape of the motor change too. This motor looks really tough. AB Tech billet pushrod tubes, JIMS USA handcrafted tappet covers and Diamond Engineering 12-point SS bolts help hold it all together.
Our donor Dyna has a few ten thousand miles on it too so while we were at it, we had Eric freshen up the transmission too. You're only strong as your weakest leak so don’t cut corners. Remember that a couple extra bucks spent will let you ride the shit out of your bike all day long.
The Hot Bike Invitational Bike Build-off will be held in conjunction with the Hot Bike Tour, which takes place August 16-22 2014, starting in Joplin, Missouri . The bikes will be ridden daily and judged upon by event attendees via ballot boxes at every event stop. There will be a Daily winner per stop and well as a Grand Champion that wins the title with the most total votes over the five days of the tour. In the end, we're building a bike we want to ride. Win or lose, we can't wait to take her for a spin.