Eagles of Death Metal

Lead singer, Jesse Hughes and drummer, Jorma Vik from Eagles of Death Metal stopped by the shop last week. We were able to get a quick Q&A with Jorma before they took off for their show in Hollywood...
Q&A with Jorma Vik  
How long have you been riding and what do you ride?
I got my first bike, a 70s Honda trail 90, when I was 12. That thing was the shit. 25 years later and I still smile when i think about all the trouble I got into on it. I currently own an ‘03 bonneville that I tore all the bullshit off and turned into a “gentleman’s dirtbike”. The thing just wont die.  
Whats your favorite place to ride when you just gotta get away?
Being fortunate enough to live in Southern California we have a plethora of incredible riding within a few hours in any direction. Mexico - Joshua Tree - Angeles Crest - Death Valley - Sequoia forest - PCH... you pretty much can’t go wrong. My current go-to is a fire lookout tower you can stay in off the Kern river near some primitive hot springs. Don’t tell anyone though cuz I don’t want that shit to get blown out.  
Riding a motorcycle is pretty dangerous, your lively-hood depends on you being able to function as a musician. How do you justify the risk?
You hip to Rick Allen from Def Leppard? #spiritanimal(Knock on wood)
If you could go on a ride with anyone who would it be and where?
Of all time at any point in time? Easy. With our lord and savior, John Henry Bonham, on his infamous ride through the “riot house” hotel on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA.  
Motorcycles and Rock 'n Roll have history, what do you think it is about motorcycling that attracts musicians.
I can only speak for myself - there’s something about the adrenaline, the intense focus and the passion that I have for both activities that keeps me stimulated and happy when I’m not doing the other.
If you could build any bike right now, what would be?
It’s better if I just show you - https://youtu.be/O1NpZxn860M
When you’re riding do you listen to music? If so, what?
There’s so many factors that come into play it’s impossible to narrow down into something specific. Never Dave Matthews though so i don’t lose focus and start “mind jamming”. That’s clearly a joke cuz I like the thought of “mind jamming” to Dave Matthews, but it’s partially true - I typically listen to things that are familiar so I don’t get distracted.
Split lanes, yes or no?
100% yes. I’ve been rear ended in traffic in a car enough to know that I never ever want that shit happening on a bike. There absolutely needs to be more awareness of this brought to the attention of the drivers of 4 wheeled vehicles though. When I took my driving test in California, where it happens to be legal, I don’t recall a single mention of it.

What’s your thought on Hooligan Racing?

Looks fun as shit! If I didn’t require all of my limbs to be in tact and functioning to perform my duties I might even be out there with ya! Of course, one must not forget Rick Allen.

Fuck it.

See ya on the track!