Erico Motor Sports

Erico Motorsports is a leading dealer for Ducati,  Aprilia, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi and Vespa bikes. Specializing in new and used motorcycle sales, parts, service and customizations. Their dedicated experts have been serving customers for more than 20 years. Erico Motorsports is located in the heart of Denver, and frequently offer workshops, fundraisers, film screenings, and other special events including group rides.

Colorado seems to be the new hotspot. Why do you think that is?
We used to be this well-kept secret. People thought that Denver was cold because there are so many ski resorts in the mountains surrounding us. But as more and more people have moved here, the secret seems to be out. Denver has over 300 sunny days a year. In fact, most of us at Erico can be found riding our bikes year-round. In particular the new hot spot in Denver is the RiNo (River North) neighborhood. We never imagined almost 20 years ago that Erico would be sitting in the middle of this cool, revitalized, industrial hub, but here we are. The dealership is surrounded by great breweries, restaurants, and beautiful street art. So not only has Colorado become a hot destination, so has Erico Motorsports! It looks like you guys are a non-denominational, equal opportunity supporter of motorcycling.
Where does that attitude come from?
Many years ago, we were attending Denver’s gay pride parade and were so overwhelmed by the joy and freedom that everyone was feeling that day. It motivated us to sponsor a parade float the following year. We had no idea, at the time, the affect this would have on our business. Erico Motorsports became the space where people could come and have a comfortable, judgement free shopping experience. We’ve gone on to sponsor a LGBT scooter club as well as support various liberal causes in the City. Our staff and customers have grown to appreciate and emulate our commitment to everyone being able to ride regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
Your building looks epic, how did you score that spot?
Honestly, it was dumb luck. John knew that he needed to move his used motorcycle parts business because he had outgrown his building. We also had a very limited budget, so we went to the most rundown area of Downtown and ran smack dab into a “for sale sign” on a building that met our location and square footage needs. The first time we walked into Erico, the roof was leaking and our clothes were covered in wet, black grit. This grit was the metal soot that covered every inch of this old iron-working facility. Of course the first thing out of John’s mouth was, “we can throw some great parties here”! We feel that a big part of Erico’s vibe is our building, and we are so glad you like it!
Your shop has been involved in some racing efforts, tell us a bit about what you have coming up on the racing scene?
Erico was started because of John’s love of racing and his need to fund his racing habit. In the beginning, he was buying and selling crashed bikes in order to fund his racing addiction. Over the years, John has raced at tracks all over the US and Europe. His latest racing adventures during 2015 were with the Trans Atlantic Thruxton Cup series.
You guys building any bikes? If so what are you working on?
We’ve built so many custom bikes and scooters that we actually started a subsidiary of Erico Motorsports, called Erico Customs. Photos and stories of these bikes can be found at Building customs is a true passion of our staff. The team has been known to stay after work and on their days off, creating our one-of-a-kind customs.
Looks like you’ve gotten to spend some time in Italy with Ducati. What’s that like having Ducati take care of you?
We like to tell people that we are so glad we don’t sell Harleys because we would be stuck going to Wisconsin every year! Instead we have been wined and dined in some of the most beautiful regions of Italy. In addition, they have flown John to Valencia, Spain, to test Ducatis as well as Laguna Seca, Barber Motorsports Park and Miller Motorsports Park.
What’s up with all the SuperLeggera’s?
What fantastic motorcycles. There are a couple of them currently in the workshop being prepped and serviced for a client.
Any events you guys are doing?
We are starting a new event called “Dapper Denver”. It is a poker run that will debut on October 16, 2016. It’s a dress-up affair that allows our customers to gather a poker hand all over the City and then end up back at Erico for a party and prizes. The proceeds from this ride will benefit Sungate Kids, a really worthy local charity. Whenever we do a ride or event, we work really hard to tie in a charity to ensure we are giving back to the community.
What do you think the modern rider is looking for in a bike?
We think they are looking for romance, escapism, adventure and freedom. At Erico we don’t just sell bikes, we provide experiences. Many times people don’t know what they are looking for, they just know that there is something missing and we are here to fill that void.
In apparel?
Comfort and protection is always paramount; however, style and fit are also equally important. Our customers are educated and appreciate the finer things in life. Their day-to-day clothing reflects a love of higher-end brands. Their shopping gravitates more toward exclusive, boutique brands. We strive to provide them with this same sort of experience by carrying a mix of unique, Euro-styled, high quality lifestyle and riding apparel.
How does RSD fit into your shop?
Perfectly! It’s high-quality, stylish, well-tailored and versatile. You can wear RSD on or off your bike. And although the leather and textile jackets look cool, they are also equipped with high-tech body armor that ensure you are protected. The other great thing about the RSD brand is the variety of lifestyle products they also offer such as hats, t-shirts, belts, and gloves. RSD compliments Erico’s Euro vibe and gives our customers fun, functional and stylish options.