Hippy Killer Hoedown

May 12, 2017
The novelist, Chuck Klosterman, once wrote, “It is important to have questionable friends you can trust unconditionally.” I don’t think that statement has ever been more true than on a Super Hooligan track. Think about it, you have to be a little crazy to go out on the types of bikes we race and the types of tracks we race them on where we risk our lives against our friends for a title that doesn’t really get us too much more than bragging rights. None of us make a living at this but that’s what makes it worth it. The people that come out every weekend to watch or take part do it for the love of it. They have to because this shit ain’t easy and it sure as hell ain’t cheap and this weekend it sure as hell felt like hell.
It’s the ninth annual Hippy Killer Hoedown and at noon it’s already a weltering 94 degrees. That’s when the races start but no one seemed to be too heated about it though thanks to the conveniently located beer stand inside the pits. There’s nothing like a little fermented cool liquid to chill things out a bit.
When it’s that hot out and there is no shade in sight, track conditions can get fickle as fuck. Water made it slippery and the dust ruined everyone’s day.
If you asked any of the riders how the track was, the most positive response was, “Well, we all have to ride the same one.” I know that’s a polite way to say the track ‘sucked’ but it was the truth. Everyone was on the same slippery, dusty, gravel and pothole filled track. With extra long straights and tight narrow corners, brakes were put to the test. Whoever could stop in time to catch the inside and hold their line without low-siding or eating hay was the guy to beat in every heat.
What’s crazy is that as bad as the track was, some of the best Super Hooligan racing (click for race results) seen in a while happened at this Hoedown Throwdown.
Racer number 47, Jordan Graham, pulled the holeshot in the heat but then lost his breaks, going in hot and blowing out wide in turn 3 and 4 every lap almost hitting the hay each time. Riders who finished first and second in their heat races qualified for a direct transfer to the main, and Graham some how managed to get 3rd place despite the lack of stopping power which sent him to the LCQ where he ended up pulling off a first place, advancing him to Super Hooligan Main.
It may have been hot as hell out but Super Hooligan number 23, Troy Hoff, came out and lit the track on fire, bring the heat in the heat. Spinning his belt off the pulley in turn 1 gave him less power but it didn't stop him from trading places multiple times battling for the number 1 position against AFT Pro Racer Jordan Baber.
Because the track would turn into the Sahara Desert after only a small amount of time the water truck would appear like an oasis, settling things down but also making it slick as ice. To counter this the track allowed sight laps from the riders to get it back race ready, and it was on one of those laps that Hoff low-sided and got ran over by another racer. He was okay and continued to the main only to finish 9th.
Winner of each heat race went to the $1,000 Dunlop Dash 4 Cash, a 4 lap winner-take-all round. Things get a little crazy when money is on the line and this race never disappoints. Jason Klements “Fast J” pulled the holeshot, got passed and then took back the lead and won. Joe Kopp “Smokin Joe” spun out, did a full 360 and crashed! The crowd went nuts.
To keep the good times going, riders that finished 5th and 6th in their heat races got their money’s worth by going to a consolation race for fun and extra seat time.
In this dust bowl of an event giving the Motul award for the cleanest bike is about as ironic as drawing a tree on a piece of paper, but none the less it was Buddy Suttle’s new “Big Als Cycles / Sonoma County H-D” Street 750 that took home the cash.
In all there were 40 entries total. 36 SuperHooligan Expert and 4 Hooligan Amateurs, but it was hard to make out who was who as they would disappear in the dirty white haze of dust and reappear in a new position when they emerged. However, when the dust settled, like a phoenix from ash, it was number 3 racer Joe Kopp that came out as the winner.

The Super Hooligan racing was just a segment of the Hippy Killer Hoedown Custom Car and Motorcycle Show which featured a car and bike show, live bands, vendors food, Booze and a lot of questionable friends of nonconventional appearance who are associated with a subculture. And so it may have been called the Hippy Killer Hoedown, but I can assure you that none of them actually died that day.

Super Hooligan Main Event : 12 riders/10 laps

1. Joe Kopp #3 (K&N holeshot winner)

2. Brad Spencer #7 (hot on Kopp’s heals the whole race)

3. Jason Klements #42 (Dunlop Dash for Cash winner)

4. Jordan Baber #72

5. Chris Wiggins #9

6. Nick Leonetti #30

7. Cameron Brewer #24 (dead last off start)

8. Andy Dibrino #14 (points leader going into this round. Crashed lap 4. Ended up getting lapped by Kopp before checkers)

9. Troy Hoff #10 (regularly runs #23 but raced Roland Sand's #10 due to bike issues)

10. John Tunstall #39

11. Mitch Gallagher #75

12. Jordan Graham #47

Short Track motorcycle flat track racing at The Hippy Killer Hoedown takes place at the Farmers Fairgrounds in Perris, CA on April 22, 2017. The Hoedown is a custom culture event created for automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts and their families. Expect live music, free giveaways, custom cars, vans, motorcycles and flat track racing on a brand new 1/5 mile race track. Main gates open 10am to 8pm. This is a family friendly event and spectator admission is $10.00 per person, small children free.

Saturday April 22nd

Farmers Fairgrounds

18700 Lake Perris Drive

Perris, CA.

The races will be run by our friends at Hells On Wheels MC so you know it's going to be a good time. Classes for every bike and every skill level, as long as there is a dozen riders. $45.oo pre entry and $60 on the day of the race.

Click the link below for rules to participate in the SHNC.

Due to Fairgrounds' insurance policies, no vehicles are allowed to drive through the venue during business hours. All custom vehicles that wish to partake in the car and bike show please be on location by 9:30 am. Motorcyclist will be allowed to walk your bike in and out. They are not allowed to be ridden in/ out. We ask that you please obey the rules as they're being strictly enforced.

Show vehicles - Gate C opens at 7 am - You'll come off of Ramona Parkway and head down Lake Perris Drive. Don't pull into the main parking access lanes, stay on Lake Perris Drive, about a 1/4 mile, and you'll see signs to Gate C to gain access to the property. We'll greet you with a smile and you will kindly pay us 10.00 per person. A parking attendant will get you placed. Please no outside alcohol, coolers or grills; full concessions and ATMs are on the property. * If for any reason you need to leave the property before the show ends please find a security member so they can assist off the property safely.

Motorcyclists - Gate C opens at 7 am - Come off of Ramona Parkway and head down Lake Perris Drive. Don't pull into the main parking access lanes, stay on Lake Perris Drive, about a 1/4 mile, and you'll see signs to Gate C to gain access to the property. We will greet you with a smile and you'll pay us 10.00 per person. After 10 am motorcycles will have to be walked in or escorted by staff through crowds.

Indian Motorcycle has ponied up with a FTR 750 Factory Indian Scout professional flat track race bike as the championship prize. Dunlop Tires, Motul Oils, K&N Filters and Bell Helmets are also involved in a big way, bringing fat contingency checks to the competitors, rewarding heroic rides and top finishers. Keep track of the event dates and standings HERE!

Contingencies & Prizes
Contingency payouts will be paid by check following each race, upon receipt of final results provided by race organizer.
Indian Motorcycles
• One Factory Indian FTR750 professional GNC flat track race bike will be awarded to the Super Hooligan Series Champion at final round. *Winner must be present at final round.
• $1,000 Winner-Takes-All bonus to winner of Super Hooligan Main Event. *Valid only at Indian Motorcycle title-sponsored events.
Dunlop Tires
• $250 (first) / $150 (second) / $100 (third) payouts for Super Hooligan Main Event.
• $1,000 Winner-Takes-All Super Hooligan Dunlop Dash for Cash event.
Bell Helmets
• $250 (first) / $150 (second) / $75 (third) payouts per Super Hooligan Main Event.
• $2,500 bonus to be awarded to Super Hooligan Series Champion at final round.
• Custom painted helmet trophy for Super Hooligan winner at each round.
K&N Engineering
• $300 Winner-Takes-All Holeshot Award for Super Hooligan Main Event.
• $300 Cleanest Hooligan race bike at each race. TBD by SHNC.