Hurley Sportster & H20 Initiative

The Hurley Sportster started as a collaboration with Hurley and RSD to build a surf worthy cafe bike. We shot a few pictures of her as a cafe racer and somewhere on the way to the beach we decided moto bars, dual purpose tires and a solo seat were a better fit and she was transformed into a Hurley Scrambler. It really goes to show what a versatile bike the sportster is and how easy it is to change a few parts and get something very different.

Highlighted Parts on Bike

The Hurley Sportster has been finished and recently flogged for our 2012 Catalog photo shoot in Azusa Canyon. Azusa is one of our favorite spots to test out a new machine but the obvious lack of waves left out the need for the surfboard and surfboard rack. Well post some photos of that set up as soon as we can bribe CR Stecyk to paint one of the new Hurley surfboards that was so kindly donated to the project.

The guys at Hurley are stoked on bikes and we’re equally stoked on surfing so a collaboration was born. Using Hurley’s Phantom pattern as inspiration we’re tweaking a Sportster with a tasteful rendition of the Phantom. Matching Surfboard is somewhere between sander and glass. We’ll be adding some new custom one off prototype parts as we go bending this sportster into a surf ready two wheeler. 

Yesterday Punker Pat came to the shop and upchucked some marketing wisdom all over our fab table. In all his excitement he forgot to clean up his mess, in fact he forgot to take his board and wetsuit. Things left in the shop for more than a 24hr period become property of those who reside in the shop. Thanks for your absent mindedness Pat. Aaron couldn’t use the fab table so he hung the wetsuit over the sporty gas tank and a paintjob was born. Thanks again Punker Pat. Please come again and feel free to leave some XL t-shirts and 36 pants.

 An RSD and Hurley Sportster Collaboration is in the works currently. Keep an eye out for future RSD/Hurley Collaborations on the H20 Initiative.

Our good friends at Hurley are doing some very innovative things in the surfing world and in the delivery of our most vital natural resource, H20 to third world countries. We had a unique opportunity to take a tour of the facility and see the inner workings of the Hurley Machine in the week prior to the US Open of Surfing which is going down in Huntington this weekend. Check the Hurley site for more info on the Hurley H20 Initiative and how you can get involved at