Jayme Foxx

Here at RSD we are luckily to get to rub elbows with some really rad people. And last week we got a visit from the always lovely Jayme Foxx. Jayme is a friend of the RSD brand and we always have a good time when she stops by the shop. We hung out, tried on some jackets and toured the shop so we decided to do a quick little Q&A with her. Check it out below, and giver her a follow on her Social Media:
SC: jaymefoxx
Jayme, tell us a bit about yourself.
Well, thanks for having me guys. I'm a Tv Host who used to model ! I have a killer dog named Monroe, who I named after my grandfather.
What’s oh my Josh all about?
"Oh my Josh" is a new show on Freeform (previously ABC Family) about Josh Horner and his life. I play his co star. It's hilarious.
Any other projects you are working on?
I am the kind of person that always needs to stay busy. I host Musink for Travis Barker every year and Advanced Nutrients... needless to say, I'm always busy (laughs).
You shot for inked mag a few years back right? Anything like that planned for the near future?
It was such a cool experience. I created my own Zippo Lighter and Zippo came to New York and shot behind the scenes of my shoot. They actually asked me to shoot the cover again soon, so stay tuned ;)
Your look obviously fits the RSD brand, but what do you like about RSD?
I love how unique and vintage everything looks. I love the heart and soul everyone that works here has. It really shows in everything you guys do. Whether it's a motorcycle revamp or a t-shirt.
How are you liking that Riot Jacket?
It's so sick!!! I love the way it smells and I love all the attention to detail.
Do you ride motorcycles?
I have yet to conquer my fear of riding ... I have so many friends in the industry and my dad has a custom 1962 Harley in the garage. I have a feeling that I will soon though (laughs).
What do you like doing in your spare time?
I love hanging with Monroe. I also love expanding my brand. Anything that I can do to evolve daily, I will do.
What is your favourite movie?
My favorite movie is "Valley Girl" it's the best movie and the best soundtrack. A young Nick Cage... yum.
What is your favorite song or band?
My favorite band is the New York Dolls. I grew up in the punk rock scene when I was younger.
Favorite place you have visited, and why?
I used to host for Nokia ... They used to fly me to Finland all the time. I would love to live In Helsinki ... the culture, the people. It's amazing.