JSK Moto Co's: BMW Autobahn Streak

JSK Moto Co. recently put their spin on BMW's R nineT with a Cafe Racer style motorcycle. They call it Project Autobahn Streak; here's what they had to say about it.

"The BMW R nineT was a pleasant surprise when it launched in 2014. We were excited about possibilities that can be done with the motorcycle and excited to see the customization done to it. Right away we got to work on our own, and with JSK Moto Co. style, took it to the extremes and created a scrambler named Project Chocolate Slider. It was completed before BMW released a R nineT scrambler, and humbled that BMW Motorrad from Germany also liked our build and featured it on their website https://www.bmw-motorrad.de/de/experience/stories/heritage/customized/custom-bikes.html "

After the Scrambler, we really wanted to make a Café Racer too. Due to our busy schedule it took us a long time, but we did it, and is definitely worth the wait. As you may know, the R nineT was designed for customization in mind. We saw many wonderful variations, and BMW also releasing its own Café Racer. While creating our own, we thought maybe we could push the idea of customization.

One-Piece Full Fairing
With Project Autobahn Streak we tested the concept of easy customization by having the internals and even the gas tank be part of the motorcycle. While the fairings, front cowl, and oil tank are made like a shell. We were able to achieve attachment of the shell to the motorcycle with just three connection points making installing it relatively easy. Imagine it like something as simple as changing your phone case.
Custom Parts
The shell we created is made out of fiberglass, a decision due to the complexity of the lines we wanted for the build and the simplicity we tried to achieve. With our freedom of shape, we moved the seating position forward making the ride position less aggressive thus improve comfort to the rider. To clean out the front end, we created a CNC upper triple tree that is designed purposely to only accept clip-on handlebars.
We wanted to have the signature BMW angel eye headlight for the motorcycle. We sourced it from a car and was small for a motorcycle. A great platform to add a custom aluminum vent around the headlight to help dissipate heat, and create a futuristic look.
Thanks to Kingsman Cushion who handmade and dyed the leather seat for us. We also appreciate the craftsman we tried named Three Harmony Production (direct translation) from Taiwan who made the rear section out of metal and followed our specifications flawlessly. As always, thanks to Air Runner for another superb custom paint job. We also couldn’t create Project Autobahn Streak without sourcing superior aftermarket upgrades such as: Akrapovic, Beringer, Earl’s, ENLiNT, Driven, DK Design, Gears Racing, Motogadget, RSD, and WRRP.
Project Name
Why did we name the build Autobahn Streak? The Autobahn is a motorway that can be found in Germany that vehicles can travel at unrestricted speeds. Streak is what you see when an object moves really fast, you only see a long thin line when it passes by. We want this build to make you want to ride the Café Racer longer distances on the motorway and when someone hears it coming, they may just see a streak of joy passing by and possibly the grin from the rider.
  • Based on BMW R nineT
  • Air Runner: Custom Paint
  • Akrapovic: Full exhaust
  • Beringer: Brake Master Cylinder
  • Beringer: Clutch Master Cylinder
  • DK Design: Air Filter
  • DK Design: Carbon Fiber Front Fender
  • DK Design: Dash Bezel
  • DK Design: License Plate Mudguard
  • Driven: Clip-on Handlebars
  • Dunlop: Q3 Sportmax Tires
  • Earl’s Performance: Oil Cooler
  • ENLiNT: Rear Sets
  • Gears Racing: H2 Plus Shock
  • Motogadget: M-Blaze Disc Blinkers
  • PSR: CNC Reservoir
  • RCE Power: Lithium Battery
  • RSD: Breast Plate
  • RSD: Hutch Break Disks
  • RSD: Hutch Wheels