Dynamic start of a King of the Baggers race at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, with motorcycles charging down the track. Riders numbered 33, 1, and 17 lead a group, showcasing intense competition and speed. The image includes a vibrant promotional overlay featuring the 'King of the Baggers' and 'Mission MotoAmerica' logos, enhancing the racing theme.

This past weekend at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta marked another exhilarating chapter in the ongoing saga of Indian vs. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles at the King of the Baggers races.



Race 1
Concluded - 

1. Troy Herfoss

2. Kyle Wyman

3. Hayden Gilllem



(Bobby Fong 8th)



and Race 2 Finished - 

1. Troy Herfoss

2. Tyler O'hara

3. Max Flinders 



An Indian Motorcyles 1-2-3 !



(with Bobby Fong 11th)



Despite facing one of the toughest race weekends in our team's history, we refuse to let adversity dim our spirits. We set our sights on the horizon, eagerly anticipating the next race at Road America.



 Let's GO BOBBY!