MIA Review Ft. Staci Wilt


Finding a leather jacket that fits in all the right places as a woman can be challenging. Like “I’ve been riding for ten years, have tried a lot of different jackets and I always find *some* part of the fitment off,” challenging. The team at Roland Sands Design changed the game for me with the release of the Mia Women’s leather jacket.

In September of 2020, I had planned a week long motorcycle ride through Yellowstone, greater Wyoming, Utah, and Montana. Knowing that I’d be at elevations from 4,000-11,000 feet, and temperatures from 25*F to 110*F, I knew I’d need something that provided multi-season functionality, in addition to protection. Since that trip, this has been my go-to riding jacket.

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Staci Wilt   Freelance Journalist |  Photographer |  Marketing Consultant.