Mission 200

This is our fourth shot at a Victory and maybe our favorite. We kept it very simple and close to the original design of the machine, cleaned it up and got creative with the colors. This is Ol’ Vic.
Lloydz Motor Works- “This build was our most demanding yet most rewarding as well. We totaled over 320 hours to this build and just about all the components used are one off items do to the nature of the build and the fact that it was an 2011 bike for which some parts have been changed since 2010. Once the bike was running we found that a new style rings we used was causing oil to pull through the ring package under decel so we had to do another tear down and repair the issue in less then a day. Back running it only took us 2 days to tune the bike with only 1 minor issue that occurred. With a build of this caliber I was counting on 2 weeks of tuning so when we were able to wrap it up so soon we were all extremely happy.”
The motor started out as a 106 Cubic inch, we added the following parts to the build
Lloyd’z 105.28mm Big Bore kit with Custom Turbo Pistons
Fully balanced and Blueprinted the Crank, Rods And pistons
Re-Worked the Oiling system for better lubrication
Ported And polished the heads with custom oversized Stainless Steel Valves
Lloyd’z Custom grind Turbo cams
Installed a Garrett Turbo with intercooler
Custom PCU re-programming
Power Commander 5 with boost control
2 Secondary direct injection injectors that work above 5 lbs boost pressure
Proto Type PMRT/Barnett Fly weight lock up clutch
Holy S@it!! A 200 HP victory!!
Things are starting to heat up on project 200. Our boys at Lloydz have pushed our little monster to over 200 HP and 220 ft-lbs. of torque. Weather permitting we’re going to see 200 by the end of November if all goes as planned. Stay tuned for more updates. There’s rumors of more HP to come.
If you’re addicted to speed like we are there’s a number in your head that you would like to get to. That number for us is 200.
With the bike transforming from an everyday cruiser into a land based missile we have to make some changes to the ergonomics. The standard forward controls might feel nice but in the quest for speed they just won’t fly. We opted to make tubular and billet rearsets to get the controls into a more aerodynamic position. The tube works provides a nice flow and the billet takes care of the hard edge function.
Project 200 is well on it’s way to being completed. We are aimed at an MPS (Modified Partial Streamlining) record and we are shooting for the 200mph mark.
A steering Dampener is required on all machines, so we used an Ohlins dampener off a ducati. It has a super short throw so we could mount it out of the way under the bottom triple to the frame.

We put a set of our newest prototype SLAM wheels on project 200. 17 X 3.5 front and 17 X 6.0 rear with Dunlop Sportmax GP tires. They are production wheels, but they are very light weight and should do the job well. We did some crazy rim cuts to pull the weight out of them and we think it’s a pretty cool look that reduces rotating rim mass helping us get to 200 a little quicker. Tires are Z rated.

We dropped the seat height down as far as possible utilizing the stock frame line as the base of the seat. This gets the rider position down as low as possible. Tail section line is critical in continuing the arc of the riders back. We did our best to match that line while not going to huge.
Gearing is absolutely critical when attempting to set any type of speed record. Too tall and your motor won’t pull the gearing, too short and your at top RPM in top gear and no where to go. Chain Drive Conversion was a must on this project. Nobody makes a chain drive conversion for victory’s so we had to knock the splines out of the stock belt pulley and weld on our own counter shaft sprocket. Good bye Belt Drive, hello 520 DID gold.