A motorcycle racer speeds along the high banks of Daytona International Speedway in the Super Hooligan race, captured in front of a colorful, blurred crowd in the grandstands. Prominent overlays include the Mission Super Hooligan logo, highlighting the high-octane excitement of the event.

What an incredible first round opener at Daytona International Speedway with multiple races being determined by tenths of a second.  When you stand in the infield, imagining the decades of battles between some of the greatest racers of all time. Racers to the likes of Kenny Roberts, Dale Earnhart (Praise Dale) and even our own Roland Sands (Who still holds a track record at Daytona international speedway for the 250gp class). It’s obvious that the Roland Sands Super Hooligan and King of the Bagger classes (with the support of Mission Foods) have quickly become fan favorites to the Moto America line up.  Seeing many of the fans adorned in their favorite apparel from Indian, Harley Davidson, KTM, BMW, Triumph, Ducati, Yamaha, and even electric Energica.  With riders now hailing from multiple countries to hear the sound of these powerful v-twins screaming around the banks of Daytona at speeds of 185 mph in KOTB and 171 mph in Super Hooligans.  Let’s check out the details of how the races shook out with some of the best battling and lead changes that either series has ever seen. 

A banner displaying logos of sponsors and key participants for a motorcycle racing event. From left to right, the logos include Mission Motorcycle, Indian Motorcycle, Dunlop, SDI Racing, Roland Sands Racing prominently featured at the center, Trackhouse Racing, Motul Performance Lubricants, AMA (American Motorcyclist Association), and MotoAmerica.


Daytona is a track that requires horsepower and strategy to optimize the benefit of the draft.  Tyler O’hara, last year’s SHNC champion held the pole position with a qualifying time of 1:52.7.  Grid positions two through five were Cory West, Troy Herfoss, Travis Wyman, and Jake Lewis with Indian and Harley leading the field.  The race started with Jake Lewis taking the hole shot. Cory West missed the sight in lap resulting in being at the back of the grid.  The first lap of the race had Tyler O’hara, Cody Wyman and Troy Herfoss at the front. With Alternating Indian FTR 1200 and Harley Pan America’s through the top 5 including the RSD #121 Hawk Mazzotta in the 5th spot.  With 5 laps remaining Troy Herfoss made the pass on Cody Wyman between turns 3 and 4.  Nate Kern made his way to pit lane due to his seat coming off the bike, Nate is the fastest air-cooled bike on the grid and despite a severe off in qualifying was still throwing down heaters. Cory West passed most of the field in the first three laps starting at the back of the grid making his way up to the top 5.  There was a violent wreck involving four racers coming out of turn 6 entering the first stretch of banking.  Roland said it best “Oh Shit”.  Fortunately, the air fence (potentially the air fence that was donated with Josh Herrin’s fine for flipping the bird on camera last season) was there to minimize the force of the riders impact hitting the wall.  Andy Dibrino, Dominic Doyle, and Hunter Dunham (Dunham continued in the race).  Andy a Fan favorite and the fastest on a KTM in the class sustained injuries that prevented him from finishing the weekend racing.  We hope for a quick recovery and to see him back at his home track the ridge for round 2.  Troy and Tyler were interviewed during the red flag and Tyler when asked if he could get back in front “Execute the plan, it’s checkers not chess.” Jake Lewis who had been sitting in the 5th position prior to the red flag had a mechanical failure on the sight in lap.  The racers went back to the grid for the restart.  Putting both Travis Wyman and Cory West back into their original places after both starting from the back of the grid.  Travis Wyman won the hole shot from the third spot on the grid.  Midway through the grid on the first lap after the restart Niccolò Canepa momentarily lost control of his bike and side swiped Hayden Schultz resulting in Canepa going down and Schultz going off the track but staying upright.  With three laps remaining Troy Herfoss and Travis Wyman battled back and forth fore the lead until Travis lost power on the final lap coming out of turn 1.  This gave Tyler O’hara the opportunity to pass Cory West and Cody Wyman.  Resulting in the race ending with Troy Herfoss with a top speed of 168 mph, winning his first Super Hooligan race on the Factory Indian FTR, Tyler O’Hara in second and Cory West finishing in third.  Cody Wyman on the KWR Pan America finished 4th, and Hawk Mazzotta finished 5th on the RSD Indian FTR.  This was Hawks best finish in Super Hooligans.     

Tense moment as multiple racers in a mix of vibrant racing suits aggressively corner on the Daytona track, demonstrating skill and high-speed maneuvering in close quarters.
A dynamic racing scene depicting a group of motorcyclists leaning into a sharp turn at Daytona International Speedway, showcasing intense competition and speed.
Aerial view of a motorcycle racer clad in a maroon and gold suit, crossing the Daytona International Speedway's finish line marked by a checkerboard pattern on the ground.
Aerial view of a motorcycle racer clad in a maroon and gold suit, crossing the Daytona International Speedway's finish line marked by a checkerboard pattern on the ground.
Race winner in a maroon Indian Motorcycle racing suit celebrates on the podium, surrounded by team members and race umbrellas, giving a peace sign with a joyful expression.
Victorious racer, adorned in a red racing suit, celebrates with his team on the racetrack after a successful race, holding his helmet in one hand and raising the other in triumph.
Victorious racer, adorned in a red racing suit, celebrates with his team on the racetrack after a successful race, holding his helmet in one hand and raising the other in triumph.


Race two brought a whole new set of challenges with a strong head wind coming into the front straight, which really makes things interesting when traveling at 166 mph without a fairing.  Tyler O’hara and Troy Herfoss both had difficult starts in race two leaving the door open for four Harley Pan America’s get out in front.  Cody Wyman led the first two laps and Tyler O’Hara made an unconventional attempt at passing around the outside of Cody.  The front five riders are racing so tight that they are side by side when braking into turn one.  With four laps to go Tyler O’Hara is able to take the lead braking into the chicane which was quickly taken back by Cory West and Cody Wyman.  The front six riders’ difference between 1st -6th was half a second.  A race that was filled with many lead changes between Harley and Indian but as anyone that’s seen a race at Daytona knows, the last lap positioning is what matters.  As the front riders entered turn three for the last time of the race, no one let up.  Troy Herfoss makes the pass mid corner.  As the tight bunch of top six racers exited the infield onto the banks Troy Herfoss seemed to make a mistake and go wide letting the Harley’s in the top five spots.  It was a battle all the way around battling on the banks of Daytona.  As the bikes came out of the chicane Cody was still leading with a strong drive out onto the bank.  It’s always a gamble to be the bike leading last lap at Daytona and it almost paid off with a win.  Traveling over 160 mph all six bikes are clustered and just before Cody Wyman crossed the line Cory West and Jake Lewis use the draft to make the past just before the finish line.  This leaves a full podium of Harley Davidson Pan Americas, with Cory West in first, Jake lewis (both part of team Saddlemen race team), and Cody Wyman of KWR completing the sweep. 

Multiple motorcycle racers approaching the finish line at Daytona International Speedway, the checkered flag waved by an official.
Multiple motorcycle racers approaching the finish line at Daytona International Speedway, the checkered flag waved by an official.
Motorcycle racers tightly grouped in a corner at Daytona International Speedway, showcasing intense racing action
Motorcycle racer in black and white suit on the podium at Daytona International Speedway, holding helmet and trophy.
Group celebration photo with racers and fans at Daytona International Speedway, racers pointing upwards in victory.
A group photo of the Roland Sands Design racing team at a motorcycle racing event. The team, wearing matching black T-shirts adorned with sponsor logos, gathers around a red and black Indian motorcycle. A young child sits on the motorcycle, surrounded by smiling team members in a celebratory atmosphere.
motorcycle race bike at daytona international speedway

King of the Baggers race one is an event that’s really bringing in the fans.  Six very hard laps on these huge vtwin motors.  The hole shot was won by factory Indian rider Troy Herfoss with his teammate Tyler O’Hara close behind.  A line of Harley Road Glides followed close behind them. These bikes rear tires squirming around under the immense amount of torque while down shifting into corners. A big lead change between Troy Herfoss and Kyle Wyman with three laps to go as they cross the line.  Troy late brakes coming into turn one and regains the lead showing his level of comfort with this new platform he’s racing.  The front five bikes are all packed tightly together.  Tyler O’hara runs off the track on the last lap coming out of turn six leaving him out of podium contention.  Troy Herfoss leading the race but, Kyle Wyman makes an aggressive one wheeled pass through the dirt inside to take the lead.  Kyle charging to the finish line with Troy Herfoss and his teammate James Rispoli in a potential spot to make the double draft.   As the baggers are ripping around the final corner of the bank entering the front straight, Troy makes his move just as they are approaching the checker flag with a top speed of 185.5 mph but, Kyle Wyman is able to hold him off for the win.  The podium is a Harley, Indian sandwich with both factory teams having riders on the box. 

Day two of racing starts with Tyler O’Hara winning the hole shot with other factory rider Troy Herfoss in second.  Kyle Wyman and Hayden Gillim making moves coming into turn three.  Unfortunately, Bobby Fong on the RSD bagger couldn’t get the bike off the grid despite the  teams efforts but, will be coming back strong at Moto GP at COTA.  You could see Wyman’s rear tire break loose coming out of the chicane but kept the bike under control and still managed a good drive onto the banking.  With five laps to go James “Hogspoli” took the lead.  Tyler O’hara utilizing some late braking into turn one took the lead past the two factory Harley motorcycles.  It’s difficult to keep track of all the lead changes as these top riders are battling these gigantic bikes with only milliseconds separating one from another.  The final lap has a similar look as race one with Troy Herfoss in the lead to the chicane with Kyle Wyman in second, James Rispoli in third.  Troy was coming in a little heated into the chicane and as he gathered himself looks over his shoulder mid corner to catch a glimpse of the dual factory team of Harley Davidson barreling down on him.  He once again concedes his lead to a wild pass by Kyle Wyman through the dirt to set himself up for the draft.  As the three leaders near the checkered flag Troy is unable to get the job done and settle for another second-place finish.  This is a repeat of the podium from day one.

What a wild weekend of racing for both Mission’s food sponsored super hooligans and KOTB.  We can see that the season is setting up to be full of battling victories and disappointments.  More lead changes than a Metallica cover band, teams battling for their place as at the top of the podium. If you can make it in person, you will not be disappointed, the sound of these powerful v-twins is like nothing else you’ll ever experience.  Stay tuned for a full season of Harley vs. Indian (vs KTM, triumph, Yamaha, Mv Agusta, Energica, Ducati, Aprilia, victory and whatever new bikes join the super hooligan’s class).