My name is Janelle. I’m an American female traveling solo on a motorcycle to document the positive actions taken to protect ecosystems and fight against the illegal wildlife trade. I’ve been living on a motorcycle for years now — different bikes on different continents. My passions have taken me from the wild places of Laos to those of Colombia; Roland Sands Design has spanned the continents with me! My goal is to be a window into the world of Earth protection, to help the helpers, share their stories, and spread hope. I’m a biologist, journalist, and moto-traveler. I’ve found that being a woman alone on a motorcycle in far-off places is a compelling way to talk about conservation to those who otherwise might not listen.

I purchased a Royal Enfield Himalayan in Bogota this past February and traversed more than 6,200 miles in Colombia, visiting the people and projects on the frontlines of conservation in some of the most geographically and biologically diverse lands on the planet. Colombia is a “mega diverse” country, making up 0.7% of the global land area, yet hosting 10% of all known species on Earth. That means one in ten species on the planet is found here! The destruction of these forests affects us all, therefore so does saving them.

The fight against wildlife trafficking is about more than just saving animals. Biodiversity is the source of our planet’s greatest wealth and resiliency in the face of environmental instability, and the loss of it threatens our very existence.

With an increase in the trafficking of wild animal parts, such as jaguar teeth found in China, sold more for than the price of gold or cocaine, I’m next headed to Peru to take part in a jaguar conservation program. Our aim will be to include local communities in these projects for longevity, as we assess wild jaguar populations, explore alternative livelihoods for poachers, and implement education outreach programs. I’ll also be visiting a number of projects committed to protecting ecosystems and the animals + people who depend on them.

N O W : I have returned to the US and am raising support for a new Wildlife Rescue Center in the North of Colombia, to help animals victim of wildlife trafficking be released back into the wild 
N E X T : I will be in States until I return to South America, talking with people about the hopes and challenges for conservation and researching upcoming projects.
FEBRUARY 2019 : Return to South America, locate an enduro to carry out my mission, this time Peru and Ecuador to take part in a jaguar conservation project.


Thank you so much for your continued support!  


Janelle aka MOTOGYPSY