Noise Cycles BF6 Machine

Scott “T Bone” Jones of Noise Cycles has built another beautiful machine this time based on a late model Twin Cam. His Born Free 6 machine utilizes a Harley 120” motor in a stock dyna chassis surrounded by an incredible amount of detail and hand made parts. T Bone used the Nostalgia cover line to subtly accent the engine. Looks like a blast to ride, sign us up. Read below for a short interview with Scotty “T Bone” Jones of Noise Cycles.
All photos by Jose Gallina
How long have you been building bikes and what keeps you doing it?
Well i started a lil over 10 years ago working on bikes for a paycheck. i love the challenge. Making something cool and fun out of a pile of parts or a donor bike thats not appealing to my own eyes.
Your stranded on a desert Island, you have to bring someone. And it could be anyone, but you can’t personally know them. Who would it be? Katt Williams SPS
Do you prefer building Harley’s, or is there another brand that interests you equally aesthetically?
I get this question alot. I love HDs and most of my clients have wanted HDs but i simply prefer motorcycles !!! and would love to work on them all.
Wheelies or burnouts?
Wheelies please. I hate changing tires.
Disc Brakes or Drums?
Swingarm arms or rigids?
A guy wants you to build him a bike, it’s exactly what you like to build except his paint idea is hideous. He’s willing to pay you well, but you know you’re going to hate the finished bike. What do you do?
This is very difficult. It could send me in a downward spiral. I wanna say..... kick rocks! but as a Semi Professional, i try to push the rest of the color wheel on them in hopes they see my vision. 50/50
A guy in a bar asks you what you do, what do you tell him?
Oh that bar scene..... " i build bikes"
A girl in a bar asks you what you do, what do you tell her?
I'm happily married
You have a paid trip to go anywhere in the world and ride a bike with whoever you want .Where do you go and what do you ride with who?
I would love take my son Noah (10) to Stewart Motocross Training in Haines City ,Fl . Get him and I some of the best MX training in the world.
Dream Car?
Plymouth Scamp 2 door hardtop with a Big 440 mopar
Dream Bike?
Kawasaki Z1R
Worst Crash?
Blythe, California. over the Bars 2 miles out in the desert . Shoulder .... dislocated. fractured and seperated. NO GOOD!
What’s next for Noise Cycles?
Good question. I'm a day by day kinda guy.....keep expressing my love of motorcycles through the bikes I'm blessed to be able to build. Mad passion for 2 wheels.
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