Passive Aggressive

This little beast was crashed with a mere 3000 miles on the clocks and sat around West Coast Choppers for a number of years waiting for JJ to twist her nipples. Well, that day never came and so we acquired the bike in a seedy bar room deal between Jack and Cokes and soggy French fries.

I’m sure upon arrival to its new home (the trailer in the back of the shop) it was not excited. There she sat for another two years as countless customs rolled out of the back door to be fired up and ripped down the driveway on their virgin rides. Stuck between an RD400 and a pile of tires, surrounded by our excited hoots and tire screeching outside of its white box the Ducati sat. Patient, but angry, sad but filled with thoughts of revenge. 5 long years and nothing but talk and the occasional.. “Hey, we should get started on that 999” were heard as she lay amongst the Harley take off parts.

Then one Saturday the back door of the trailer opened up. The Widdler rolled her into the shop with a twisted look on his face exclaimed… “Dude, I need something to get parts on”. And that’s how it happened. Don’t’ blame us, don’t tell us how fucked up it is. We know, we were there. That’s the ugliest bike I’ve ever seen.. can’t believe you wrecked a perfectly good Ducati, Blasphemy, blah, blah, blah… We know. And we feel guilty every day. But to see the terror in a child’s face as you pull up to the gas station to get gas. To see his mother walk a 20 foot circle around you to get back to her car with a worried look that says, dont mug me… don’t eat my children!!! Well, that makes it all worth it doesn’t it.

Continental TKC80 Tires, Renthal Fatbar Handlebars, Renthal Rear Sprocket, D.I.D X-ring Chain, YZF450 Stainless Steel IMS Footpegs, PIAA & Polaris RZR LED Headlights, Air-to-Oil Oil Cooler, RD400 Front Fender, Handmade Parts, Aluminum Handguards, Aluminum Fork Guards, Aluminum Gauge Guard, Chromoly Subframe, Vintage Suzuki Gas Tank repurposed as a Tail Section, MotoGP take-off Carbon Fiber Radiator Scoops, Custom RSD Dual Stainless Steel Slant Exhaust