Product Highlight: Grips

Control and comfort go hand in hand; it's very difficult to have one without the other. The RSD line of hand and foot control products address both while keeping it stylish. We've got you covered with our replaceable and ergonomically correct Renthal rubber wrapped grips with matching foot pegs.
Time is on your side with the RSD Chrono line. Inspired by unique time pieces, the Chrono line offers a high level of detailing and design.
We are big fans of being in control and our Renthal wrapped Tracker Grips are the perfect link from your hands to your bike. Tacky comfortable rubber with a profile that matches the contour of your hand are critical and the tracker grips provide that combo.
Replacement grip rubber available through your local Drag Specialties Dealer. Drag # 0630-0376
• CNC Machined from billet aluminum
• Grip- Renthal™ rubber material
• Foot Peg- Custom Knurled RSD rubber
• RSD laser engraved logo
• Grips and Foot Pegs sold as a pair
Check out the video above for a quick "How To" on installing your RSD grips to your Standard HD with cable throttle. Difficulty: Beginner