Redondo PD Africa Twin

When Honda Motorcycles & the Redondo Beach Police Department approached RSD with the challenge of building two beat ready Africa Twin police bikes we're pretty sure the only thing running through Roland's mind was being able to rip wheelies on the beach with the sirens on. But after full immersion into the necessities of patrolling the streets a number of novel concepts were applied to the project, including wheelies on the beach.

We finished the bike around November so we figured we'd make a kooky thanksgiving video. Stay tuned for more footage of the build as well as the bike in action.

With visions in our head of sand flying, we put our heads down and began the process of creating the ultimate off road capable cop bike. A purpose built machine ready take corners on the street, hop curbs, rip through the sand or a dirt and keep it’s rider protected from the bad guys. AR-15 mount, police camera and custom Airtrix paint.
Motorcade Officers are often found in high-speed situations navigating both unexpected and dangerous terrain. They are also often the first on the scene with the least protection. While performance and handling are critical, safety and protection are also extremely important. This is where the AR-15 and bullet proofing come into play and the added weight. This makes getting the suspension dialed in a chief priority.
Starting up front, an Ohlins FFHO 101 fork assembly was utilized. Offering more travel, longer duty-cycle usage times and overall higher quality components over stock, the Ohlins offer a world of improvement over the stock set up. Matched at the back with an STX 46 piggy-back shock, the RSD RBPD Africa Twins would be ready to handle any pursuit.
For traction, Dunlop D908 Rally Raid tires we’re the tires of choice. The 21 x 18" front-rear Dubya-built Excel / Talon wheel combo combined with Dunlops legendary Dakkar winning tread design of the D908 would ensure officers had maximum traction under speed in off road type situations and decent traction on the pavement.

The situations desert racers experience while navigating dangerous terrain at high speeds can be related similarly to what officers in a pursuit could potentially face. Pot-holes, sand traps, split-second switches from dirt to gravel to sand to asphalt combined with unexpected obstacles pose a serious risk. A proper suspension and wheel & tire setup would ensure Redondo PD officers could perform their job as safe and effectively as possible while at the same decreasing public risk.

Riding a motorcycle for hours on end can be a back-breaking affair. Comfort directly relates to fatigue which can affect a riders capability to make decisions and react safely and effectively in difficult situations. For Police Officers on two wheels, this is critical to being able to perform their duties safely.
The ensure maximum control of the Africa Twins, RSD fitted a set of Pro Taper Adventure handlebars and customized the control positioning to each officer. Cycra Pro Bend CRM Ultra handguards were also fitted to aid in keeping their hands protected and on the throttle for the law. A custom Saddlemen Seat cover with a gel insert was also installed to maximize comfort and anti-fatigue.
In the performance category, a K&N air filter and Yoshimura slip-on exhaust were installed to help the Africa Twins breathe as best as possible.
As for all the "cool cop" stuff, a custom Police wiring harness was built by HBH and fitted along with a locking AR-15 gun mount and ALTRIDER crash bars with custom PA, laser/radar gun mounts we installed up front to ensure the bad guys could hear the "sound of the police."
The RSD team also installed a SoundOff Signal Blueprint LED policing lighting kit, PA system, PVP wireless push-talk radio system and Axiom camera solution complete with U.S. Armor customized locking soft saddlebags with level IV rifle plate armor. Additional items include a pull-out Kevlar ballistic blanket and trauma kit ensuring Redondo Beach Officers have all the tools required to protect and serve their local community.

Additional RSD upgrades include a custom aluminum skid plate, high-mounted Cycra SuperMoto front fender & fork guards, one-off luggage racks, front headlight and brake reservoir guard and Pivot Pegs footpegs to ensure maximum rider control while chasing the bad guys.