RSD Bike Feature: Wanderer

Our shop Sportster has taken another twist with its latest update. Gone are the sissy bar and high bars, traded in for clip-ons and a slick tail section with prototypes of our new Rearsets. We’ve also changed up the wheels with 19” rubber front and rear on vintage drag race inspired Machine Ops Raid Wheels. An aggressive, yet comfortable seating position keeps you focused on the job at hand and your eyes on the road in front of you.

Let’s not forget the new headlight bezel and minimal pulley covers. Couple that with our high performance Slant Intake & Exhaust and you have a solid machine for weekend romps in the canyons.
Sportsters really are the most versatile bike out there. You can easily transform a Sporty from Café Racer to Scrambler to High-Bar Cruiser, just by swapping out a few parts. That’s exactly what we did here. What used to be the “Hurley Sportster” from last year, has been modified into something that makes you want to hit the highway and put down some real miles. With taller bars and a comfortable seat, you’ll easily catch yourself many miles from home come Sunday. Performance gains from our new Slant Carbon intake and exhaust give you more than enough power to push through the wind. The Wanderer is a true high performance cruiser with nimble handling. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hanging off your handlebars and dragging a knee on this bad mama-jamma!
You'll find a ton of new parts on this bike. Featuring the new Slant™ Exhaust and Air Cleaner, Black Enzo Solo Seat, Misano Front Fork Accessories, Nostalgia Rocker Box Covers and more!