RSD Custom Ecosse

When the Ecosse was released it was an insane combination of performance bike with a massive 200hp V twin engine smashed in a sport bike inspired frame and all of it surrounded by more billet tech than a rocket ship.  As with many two wheeled projects when you’re done, you’re not really done. So after working on this bike a year ago, it came back to be finished and completely reconfigured as a street tracker.

Gloss Black



We started with the suspension and a narrow FG Ohlins fork and factory Indian TT racing brake set up with RSD Traction Factory racing wheels front and rear with Dunlop DT tires in 19” front and back. 

The Billet chunks that hung to the bike were all removed in favor of simplicity. A classic headlight and gauge relocation were pulled from the RSD catalog.

Black Ops

Sold out


Sold out

New Handlebars, risers and triple clamps were added all in Black Ops. The massive dual throat intake was replaced with a simple and light carbon Slant air cleaner. Massive ISR discs and 6 piston calipers were replaced with street tracker friendly single discs and RSD Caliper up front. The engine had some issues so it required a rebuild from our friends at Bennet’s performance and while the engine was torn down we black powder coated much of the external parts to offset the polished billet motor.  

Chris Wood at Airtrix laid down the mega simple paint job of brushed aluminum and satin black tied win with the Gold accent pin striping and topped of with the RSD diamond logo.

The bike originally came to us for a new narrowed gas tank as it had a scary short turning radius that easily could result in a dropped bike. Not cool when your bike retails upward of 50k. We maintained the stock components and focused on the function and aesthetic of the bodywork and a reconfigured exhaust to come out from under the tail.

The ECOSSE is a limited-production machine created for discerning enthhusiasts. The models - each with distinctive character - are built with high standards using exotic materials. Small diameter twin tube frame design with CNC joints, all billet machined custom transmission that rotated the clutch pack up and away from the road for ground clearance. Carbon fiber this and that and a crazy design aesthetic all culminated in a concoction that was inspirational, functional and a bit aesthetically confusing at times.