RSD Custom for Mickey Rourke

When we successfully take the long way, we realize we would not have changed one single thing about the way we went, even if it took us much longer than expected. We realize there is a reason for everything and we appreciate all we have learned. Eventually, we even understand that we didn't take the long way, but rather we took the only path we could. Photos by Taylor Herron and Matt Wignall

Slowly the pieces trickle in. The finished body is assembled onto the skeleton. The skeleton becomes flesh, tendons and muscles grow and the form of a finished product begins to take shape. Thank you Chris Wood for the beautiful pearl white paint.

Some serious seat work by Bitchin Seat Company.

All that glitters is Gold. We started off going rustic with Mickey’s bike, but it’s turned into something much more finished and a bit experimental. After a visit from Mickey a few months ago we decided to go with satin black on pearl white flake paint and over the top Gold and Black finishes. All the gold accents went on the gloss black motor and our first set of two tone anodized black and gold Boss wheels arrived. It was very cool seeing all the parts come together, but there’s still a lot of work to do to finish it. Up next is the classy white out paint from Chris Wood.

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. We all see them daily, reasons for thinking. Reasons for taking what’s inside our head and letting it creep out. We do this every day in order to keep our sanity and to sometimes fulfill another’s vision of what they would like to create. This is the frame work of Mickey’s creation. After our grinders, sanders, hammers and welders finished their duties, Jon Reed at Sport Chrome worked his magic of polishing it to mirror-finish then dipping in a soothing bath of nickel plating.She sits quietly on a stainless steel bench in a corner of the shop awaiting the many fabricated pieces that will one day combine to embody a firing heap of metal and rubber hell bent on killing Iron Man.

Mickey and his good friend Jason Statham stopped by to check out the new shop and throw some more concepts down for the bike. Mickey and Roland were able to lock down a creative paint scheme that will bring out some elements of our older builds while having an attitude of its own. Sounds like you can also expect Clip-Ons on this bike because Mickey really liked the look and ergonomics of the Cafe Sportster.

Well with all the fab work complete on Mickey’s bike it is time to dismantle it and get it ready for the new finishes. One key part to the finish work on anything is the paint. So before we paint our gas tanks we send them out for sealing. We take our tanks to “Gary’s Radiator” in Fullerton CA. Every time you go see Bob Hornidge who owns Gary’s Radiator it is a real treat. Apparently someone told the California fish and game department about Bob’s pet alligator “Reggie II”. They were there thirty minutes before I arrive to drop off the tank. I was super bummed to find out Reggie II and been abducted by the government. I’ve watched Reggie grow up from a 6inch gator to a menacing 3ft garbage disposal. I can only hope Reggie gets the same care at his new home as he received in the radiator shop. If you ever in Fullerton do yourself a favor and stop by to see Bob, he is one of the coolest cats I know. I always describe his shop as what I picture heaven looking and feeling like. Thank God for true Americans like Bob. When people talk about someone being a one of a kind they usually exaggerate, but Bob is no exaggeration in the one of a kind dept. Tell him Rodney sent you and he might give you a Budweiser and let you feed the huge totus that roams the yard. Plus if you need a gas tank sealed or a radiator fixed there is no one better.


Gary’s Radiator
225 West Truslow Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832-2390
(714) 526-3367

It’s the details that really set a bike apart. Our friend from Japan at SilverSmith Fin does flawless work and did these push rod tube pieces commemorating the memory of Mickey’s best friend who unfortunately passed away. This is really going to put the finishing touches on the motor.

Received a nice little care package adding some serious punch to the motor from our friends at Revolution Performance. They hooked us up with their Stage 2 Bolt-On Power Package, boosting both horsepower(115-120hp) and torque(115-120lbs/ft) by over 50%. In total, the package included Revolution’s 1.9 Stage 2 ported cylinder heads, T-mam TR625 camshafts, TP Engineering roller rocker arms, Smith Bros. pushrods, and Wiseco forged pistons. Upgraded to one piece 1.900" intake and 1.615" exhaust valves. Wiseco forged pistons with armor glide coating. Compression is 10.8:1

We swung by Bennetts yesterday to check up on Mickey’s motor. Eric just happened to be putting the bottom end together. Being the nice guy he is, he let us hang out and snap a few pics. Enjoy.

Since Bennetts completely disassembled the engine we had it stripped and powder coated by Specialized Powder Coating in Huntington Beach. They took care to mask ALL the gasket and mating surfaces. HiTorque also pulled the starter apart and Upgraded it to a 1.4 Kilowatt motor (from 1.0 KW). More power! Now we just need to re-grind the fins and back to Bennetts it goes.