RSD Ducati Diavel

The Ducati Diavel is an interesting creature. Part Superbike and part Cruiser with a little Alien thrown in for futuristic aesthetic. We worked on this project when it first came out and actually built a concept bike based on a 1098 Motor and chassis prior to the Diavel’s release. Our bike never saw the light of day, but some of our ideas did. We developed a line of contrast cut accessories for the bike and finally got a chance to use the stuff on this customer build. The bike features a load of custom bolt on parts along with some custom paint and a little extra flair. We’ve retained all the stock geometry and performance while decreasing the weight. We’d like to go further with a Diavel and reshape the body around the stellar chassis and motor. Anyone up for a full on Diavel Build?  

Hug thanks to Karla from Pro Italia Motors, Rizoma, Airtrix, K&N, Bitchin Seat Co. & Drive Systems USA