RSD KR-TT Sporty

Introducing the New Sportster KR-TT: A Modern Twist on a Classic Racing Machine

We are stoked to unveil the KR-TT Sporty. In the early 60s, Harley-Davidson turned heads with the KRTT, a road racing version of the XR750 power plant. Drawing inspiration from the iconic KRTT, we set out to create a bike that not only pays homage to its racing heritage but also embraces cutting-edge performance and design.

To kick things off, we selected an OG Sportster chassis, specifically the Sportster 48, renowned for its wider front and stock triple clamps. This provided the perfect foundation for seamlessly integrating a right-side-up Öhlins front fork, coupled with a Brembo race caliper and a 320 mm Galfer wave rotor—delivering a formidable braking system. The S and S exhaust system, derived from flat track bikes, adds an audacious sound signature that perfectly complements the bike's aggressive stance.

A major highlight of the Sportster XRTT is the Morris wheels—a contemporary take on the original Morris mag wheels raced by legends like Kenny Roberts. Paired with Dunlop Q5 tires, this Sportster offers a fantastic blend of street and track performance. The iconic Harley-Davidson paint job, reimagined by our talented painter Chris Wood, adds the perfect finishing touch to this sleek and purposeful machine.

Crafting the Sportster XRTT wasn't without its challenges, especially when fitting the fairing. Our team worked tirelessly to modify a general kit designed for an older Sportster, ensuring that the fairing not only paid tribute to the original but also enhanced the bike's rideability. The result? A tight and agile package that captures the spirit of the KRTT.

Riding the Sportster XRT is a unique experience. With its clip-on handlebars, top-mounted gauges, and a custom gas tank, this bike exudes vintage coolness. It may not be the most comfortable for long rides, but that's not the point. It's a street bike with a racing soul, designed for those who appreciate the thrill of the ride.

Inspired by the early 70’s XR – TT 750 Road Racer, this is our version of a late model Harley Sportster featuring a full vintage throwback road race aesthetic with the high performance attributes to match. The XR TT was legendary in it’s time, a championship winning machine based on the Harley Davidson XR 750 power plant that dominated both road racing and flat track. The silhouette of the XR-TT has left a historic mark on roadracing just as the XR 750 has in Flat Track racing. It’s shape brings back memories of historic Daytona victories coupled with the rumble only an air-cooled American V-Twin can produce. Of course building an original for the Street would be just about impossible and would come with a nearly unobtainable price. Enter the Sportster and the evolution of the Original XR 750 into today’s Aluminum Cylinder Twin Cam, American Vtwin. As we move into the REvMax Platform and water-cooled sportster, this is the last of the Air Cooled Sportsters, ending an age that started with the Harley K model in 1952.

With some respect to the past we wanted to update the rolling kit with as much performance as possible. We started with An Ohlins FG right side up fork with a Radial Mount Brembo Caliper and wave rotor. We used 15” Fox shocks out back to get ground clearance as well as tighten up the fork angle. 17” x 3.5” RSD Morris wheels with Dunlop Sportmax Q5’s complete the spinning bits. Airtech XR-TT bodywork originally built for a rigid mounts Sportster have been highly modified for the KR-TT Sporty. Aaron from RSD fabricated the Body mounts and modfied the fuel tank to fit the Glass Fuel Tank cover. S&S Cycle high flat track style pipe keeps the XR theme flowing.

Much more to come as we wrap this one up over the coming weeks and get it ready for paint!