RSD KTM 690 CafeMoto

Introducing the finished RSD - KTM 690 Café Moto. We scrambled to complete this build so it could make it to the Brooklyn Invitational this past weekend. The event was great but now it’s going to be a long week waiting for it to come back so we can go ride it!
With a few days left before the trailer departed for New York, Chris Wood at Airtrix got us the painted bodywork and we bolted it straight onto the bike so Rich at Bitchin Seat Co. could crank out the custom leather seat. We handmade a stainless steel RSD Slant exhaust, mounted a carbon fiber Ducati Sport Classic front fender, hooked up the custom Spiegler USA brake lines, aired up the Dunlop Q3 tires and snugged up all of the KTM Powerparts billet goodies to compliment the orange stripe in the paint.
Thanks to KTM North America for helping us to locate two of the last 2013 690s left in USA. Stay tuned for completion of the second 690 which is in the works as we speak.
The bike is now back from outside finishes and going together nicely. The guys at Olympic powder coating did a great job laying the white powder on the frame and accessories. Our original rendering was to be black with an orange frame but change was in the air and we went with the more classy white paint scheme. Gregg from Greggs Custom’s sent us one of his new redesigned drives to top off our trellis swingarm. We made some custom rearset brackets to utilize the CRG controls and their eccentrics. Tony at Racetech dialed in the suspension. With the suspension setup this bike will be able to hold its own with any bike thru the twisties.
The wheels are our morris with an experimental finish that one day might make it to production.
Also captured in the pictures you will find Scotty Dimick, our most recent addition to the crew. Scotty comes from a dirt bike background and he can spin a t-handle allen wench like no other, and he does nice work to boot. Oh yeah Scotty also put a hotter cam in the bike to give it a little extra BRAP. Stay tuned because the Paint just showed up from Airtrix and it is beautiful.
The KTM now has a fresh new coat fashioned from the finest aluminum. It took a little encouragement but all the parts finally conformed and now it’s time to send them out to get their own unique finishes, paint, powdercoater and anodize. Check back with us in the next month or so to see the final makeover.
Just buttoning up the last bits of the tank and tail. Still trying to finalize a few small details like side radiator shrouds, brake light and headlight.
Finishing up the single sided swing arm trellis style to mirror the look of the frame. We used 4130 Chromoly tubing to keep it light weight.
We are aiming to give this machine a blend of classic Café styling while still being progressive. Suspension and swing arm will be tweaked in order to achieve proper road racing geometry for a track ready bike. Engine will be massaged for just a little bit more than KTM supplied from the factory, ensuring an exciting ride.